Sunday, November 19, 2000

'Spirit' slogan touts area

Let it move you, promoters say

By Cliff Peale
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        After more than a year of tinkering with a handful of catch phrases and concepts, business leaders are moving toward a new slogan for Greater Cincinnati: “Let the Spirit Move You.”

        The marketing campaign is expected to be unveiled next month by the Partnership for Greater Cincinnati, the group spearheading efforts to attract companies, jobs and tourists.

        The campaign will include the slogan, accompanying logo and full advertising program. It also is to include a special Internet portal built around the slogan.

        The partnership hopes tourism and development groups will use “Let the Spirit Move You” on Web pages, business cards and other marketing tools.

        Partnership officials have been shopping the slogan around the region, hoping different agencies will use it. It will then go to the partnership's policy board for approval.

        The response from some has been a bit under-whelming.

        Matt Van Sant, a vice president of the Clermont County Chamber of Commerce, a contributor to the partnership, said the chamber's board had considered the slogan and declared it “acceptable.”

        “We'll use it where appropriate,” he said.

        Other agencies have their own campaigns. For example, Downtown Cincinnati Inc. uses the slogan, “Go to Town.” And the Greater Cincinnati Convention and Visitors Bureau is using, “Feel the Current.”

        Share your ideas for a city slogan.


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