Thursday, November 09, 2000

Women voters

We listened, used reason

        When the pundits (an overused term meaning “media smartypants”) try to figure out why women voted as we did, I hope they do not suggest we chose Al Gore because we think he's a good kisser. Or George W. Bush because he has curly hair.

        We do not plan to date them. In fact, both candidates made it clear that they are unavailable. They love their wives and said so every time they had the chance, lest we believe one of them might accept the services of an eager intern.

        We believe them.

        Women are trained to be good listeners. We heard the National Rifle Association president say having Mr. Bush in the White House would be just like having an office there. So surely some of the Million Moms took a shine to Mr. Gore.

        An exit poll by Voter News Service reports that more women voted for Al Gore than for George W. Bush. Perhaps the deciding factor for many women was fear that Pro-Life Gov. Bush might endanger Roe v. Wade with his Supreme Court nominations.

        But women don't vote in a bloc, and lots of them liked Mr. Bush. Maybe some female CEOs believe he will be good for the economy. Perhaps some female doctors liked his plan for health care. Maybe teachers based their choice on the candidates' positions on education. Or taxes. Or defense.

        Ponder away, talking heads and pundits. Dissect our motives. Try to figure us out. But please, just don't wonder whether we voted for the one who is cute.

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