Monday, November 06, 2000

You asked for it

Winton signal a concern

By Walt Schaefer
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Question: A new traffic light has been installed on the back side of the Gray Road landfill on the steep Winton Road hill opposite Dutch Colony Drive in Winton Place. In winter, what are we to do when there is ice and snow on the hill at the stoplight? — Joe Volz, Finneytown

        Answer: Cincinnati Traffic Engineer Steve Bailey said the city has targeted Winton Road hill, and other steep grades, for treatment when inclement winter weather arrives. In the past year, the city has expanded its
fleet of snow removal vehicles and made it a priority to improve the service. That will result in quicker response and treatment.

        Still, he said, there will be times when the hill will be slippery. The city times lights at side-street intersections on grades — including the new Winton Road light — to activate only when a vehicle passes over a sensor. That minimizes the number of times the light changes.

        Police have the ability to change the signal to flashing amber at any time. If weather, or other conditions warrant it for safety, police will adjust the light, Mr. Bailey said.

        Q. At the SuperAmerica at Beechmont Avenue and Eight Mile Road in Anderson Township, motorists leaving the gas station turn left onto Eight Mile and cars turn left into the gas station from Eight Mile. There have been several accidents where cars pulling left out of the station cross two lanes of traffic and hit a car going north on Eight Mile. Also, cars traveling north on Eight Mile stop to turn left into the gas station holding up traffic. Solution: No left turns out of or into this gas station. Can that be done? - Suzanne Berry, Anderson Township

        A. Tom Langenbrunner of the Hamilton County Engineer's Office said a county cannot legally restrict access from public roads to businesses where driveways have been authorized in past planning unless an agreement is reached between the property owner and the county.

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