Sunday, November 05, 2000

Final review due in shooting

Others found officer justified

By Jane Prendergast
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        The final review of a controversial police shooting will be released Monday, two years after the incident.

        The Citizens Police Review Panel has spent months studying the shooting of now-paraplegic Timothy Blair, an ex-convict Officer Daniel Carder was trying to stop for shoplifting at Kroger in Walnut Hills. Mr. Blair was shot after getting into his car to leave the parking lot.

        The review is the fourth in the case, after investigations done by the Cincinnati Police Division's homicide detectives, internal investigators and the city Office of Municipal Investigation. The Police Division exonerated Officer Carder, but he was cited for several errors, including shattering the car window and trying to pull the man out.

        OMI also ruled the shooting justified, but recommended discipline against the officer for tactical errors. Officer Carder has said his arm got tangled in Mr. Blair's coat during the struggle and that he was forced to shoot because he was being dragged.

        Officer Carder's discipline, if any, has been on hold pending the panel's decision. City Manager John Shirey promised to wait until the citizen reviewers weighed in.

        The Fraternal Order of Police has been critical of how long it has taken the panel to finish its work, with President Keith Fangman saying Officer Carder should not have had to wait so long to learn his fate.

        Mr. Blair was convicted of robbery and felonious assault for the incident, the latter because his vehicle hit a van, which then lurched onto a sidewalk and seriously injured a 5-year-old boy.

        Officer Carder remains on duty.


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