Tuesday, October 31, 2000

Vote may cement Princeton schools pact

By Marie McCain
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Teachers with Princeton City Schools could vote todayto ratify a proposed three-year contract, effectively ending talk of a strike.

        The district and the teachers' union, Princeton Association of Classroom Educators, reached a tentative agreement last week during a 90-minute negotiation session.

        The terms of the proposed contract have not been made public.

        Dr. Dennis Peterson, superintendent district that serves about 6,500 students, said Monday the union has asked that the terms of the agreement not be disclosed until they can be presented to union members.

        There are 518 teachers in the district, officials said.

        The union's prior three-year contract ended in May.

        According to the terms of the final year of that contract, teachers received a 5 percent increase in average pay over the previous year.

        Teachers' base annual salary, under that agreement, was $28,135.

        The top-end salary was $61,194.

        Top salary went only to teachers who have a doctorate and at least 17 years of experience, Dr. Peterson said, adding that the pro posed contract does include a salary increase.

        Earlier this month, more than 200 teachers gathered outside Princeton High School, in Sharonville, with picket signs.

        They protested the district's proposed three-year contract saying that the first two years provided “similar pay scales” to existing ranges, while the third year would be decided at a later time.

        Union spokesman Ken Ferris said some of the voting took place Monday evening and the rest should be completed by 5 p.m. today.

        If the teachers approve this latest proposal, the plan could go before the Board of Education in November.


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