Monday, October 30, 2000

You asked for it

Parking meters staying

By Wlat Schaefer
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Question: Is it possible to have the parking meters on Glenway Avenue from Guerley Road to Relleum Avenue in Price Hill removed? Years ago these meters made sense. But as businesses along Glenway have expanded, so has off-street parking. With the congested traffic along Glenway mixed with the fact many people have a difficult time not parking at the meters during restricted times, I would like to start a petition to remove the meters. Whom do I need to petition to try to accomplish this?

        - Karen M. Gerke, Price Hill

        Answer: While a petition could be forwarded to Cincinnati City Council and the Traffic Engineering Department, this situation already has been reviewed and a decision made to keep the meters to allow parking except during rush hours, city Traffic Engineer Steve Bailey said. The study was the result of several similar requests as Ms. Gerke's that were received by the city, he said. “Businesses in the block still rely heavily on the on-street parking, and while traffic flow is not as good as it could be with the parking removed, the city has decided to support the businesses with parking,” Mr Bailey said.

        Q. Negotiating left turns from Colerain Avenue onto westbound Interstate 275 is difficult and dangerous. Motorists are often required to turn in front of fast-approaching, heavy traffic. There is a left-turn arrow at the intersection but it does not seem to operate in the early morning. Can the timing sequence of the arrow be changed?

        - Karen Yelton, Colerain Township

        A. Kim Patton, spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Transportation, said the left-turn arrow does not activate until three vehicles pass over a sensor in the road. The timing allows for efficient movement of traffic on heavily traveled Colerain Avenue. To activate the sensors for fewer than three left turning cars would adversely affect traffic flow. Engineers reviewed the timing. No changes are planned, Mrs. Patton said.

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