Monday, October 30, 2000

Got spare time? Sign here

By Anna Guido
Enquirer Contributor

        LIBERTY TOWNSHIP — One of the township's most active volunteers has come up with a plan to help the township.

        Parks committee member Dean Swartz has organized a volunteer group and is recruiting members. Volunteers of Liberty Township (VOLT) will be multidepartmental, serving any needs that the township might have.

        Mr. Swartz, 61, has volunteered in the township for more than 15 years as a firefighter, levy promoter and parks committee member. He knows that the fast- growing township needs more volunteers.

        “I could see that there were needs for a pool of volunteers so that when something comes up, you've got people you can call and ask for help,” he said.

        Mr. Swartz began his volunteer work in the township as a firefighter.

        “What got my attention to start with was a sign in front of the fire station that said, "Help Us Protect Our Dreams.' I thought, well, I can volunteer my time or volunteer my money to pay somebody else to do it.”

        Mr. Swartz plans to maintain VOLT's list of volunteers on his home computer. Along with names and tele phone numbers, the list will specify the amount and type of work volunteers are willing to do.

        Mr. Swartz is a security specialist for GE Aircraft Engines in Evendale. He moved to Liberty Township in 1984 from Wyoming in Hamilton County.

        Liberty Township administrator Nell Kilpatrick said his work has not gone unnoticed.

        “He's been a volunteer for years and just did what needed to be done and did it quietly,” she said.

        Ms. Kilpatrick said groups like VOLT are vital in communities like Liberty Township.

        “When you have a small staff such as Liberty Township, volunteer help is absolutely essential,” she said.

        On Sunday, VOLT hosted an old-fashioned harvest festival at Dudley Park on Yankee Road. It was geared to children and featured apple bobbing, a maze and other Halloween-themed activities.

        “It's just something my wife, Nancy, and I wanted to do to get people more acquainted with this park,” Mr. Swartz said. “I'm not currently planning for it to be an annual event, but if it turns out that way, it would be great.”

        For more information about VOLT or to volunteer, call Mr. Swartz at 777-6660 or 777-4761.


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