Tuesday, October 24, 2000

Shirey's comments on ...

        • Accomplishments he's most proud of:

“Being able to change this government and make it more responsive. I'm proud of the changes we've made downtown, on the riverfront. I'm proud of various projects around the city, housing initiatives we have under way.”

        • Declining to pursue job opportunities:

        “I think what ultimately what has kept me here is my family's desire to stay in Cincinnati. We all very much like living in this community. Another thing that keeps me here is a feeling that I've not finished the job.”

        • Rocky relationship with city council:

        “I never really expected to have my relationship with the city council be as rocky as it has been. I certainly came here knowing it was a difficult situation, that my two predecessors, both of whom I respected, had been fired. But I came here with a self-confidence, thinking I could succeed in getting the council to work as a team, to set a common agenda ... and of course that has not occurred.”

        • Amazing philanthropy, disparate business group:

        “I really thought (before arriving in Cincinnati) the business community here worked in a unified fashion and really became the driver to get major civic (projects) accomplished. I quickly found out the business community was kind of disparate in its approach, and that unified leadership I thought was there, wasn't. In the same breath, I'm continually amazed at how generous this community is, both the business community as well as individuals. The philanthropy here is just amazing.”


Shirey embattled but still standing
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