Sunday, October 22, 2000

Apple fans savor a 'Woz' moment

Cofounder preaches on education

By PJ Hruschak
Enquirer Contributor

        HIGHLAND HEIGHTS — AppleVention 2000 was nearly a religious experience with the creator and the Evangelist both witness to the power of the Apple.

        Keynote speaker Steve “Woz” Wozniak, creator of the Apple computer and co-founder of the Apple company, recounted his early years in school and told how education contributed to his desire to learn.

[photo] Steve Wozniak, cofounder of Apple Computer, spent a lot of his time Saturday at AppleVention 2000 signing autographs, often, as here, on faceplates of old Apple computers.
(Tony Jones photo)
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        “My father always taught me that education is the most important thing in life,” Mr. Wozniak told the nearly 200 conventioneers. “I didn't think there were jobs in computers when I was younger.

        “I really wanted technology to be fun. The best technology should be for people,” Mr. Wozniak said, adding under his breath, “to play games.”

        Musician Suzanne Ciani, five-time Grammy nominee, demon strated some of the playful and creative aspects of Macintosh products with a performance featuring live piano, recorded digital accompaniment and live video interpretation.

        “As technology has changed, so have my albums,” Ms. Ciani said. “You can do everything with a Mac.”

        While Ms. Ciani's hymns were playing, Adobe Systems Inc.'s “evangelist,” Daniel Brown, was preaching in a separate session featuring Adobe products.

        Mr. Brown stressed the utility of the Macintosh as an easy-to-use product appreciated by a select few.

        Gary Johnson, president of the 300-member Apple enthusiast group AppleSiders, which sponsored the event, sang the praises of the company's co-founder.

        “Computers would have been nothing like they are now without Steve. He created computers for the rest of the world.”


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