Thursday, October 12, 2000

Pig Parade: Paddle Squealer

Swine is the big Belle of Porkopolis

By Owen Findsen
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        This is 166th in a series spotlighting pigs from the Big Pig Gig Public Art Project taking place in Cincinnati, Covington and Newport. Find past pig profiles at

        Of all the pigs in the gig, this one was first to leave the port.

        Artist: Chris Reiff, 27, of Mason, is a toy designer at SOEDA Design.

        Sponsor: William M. Mercer Inc.

        This pig's pen: 312 Walnut St., lobby.

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        You were inspired by: I did a marker rendering of it and submitted it to ArtWorks, and the sponsor liked it.

        What's the pig idea? It's making a pig into a steamboat. I'm a sort of hardware kind of guy. I like to build things.

        Completing the project took: It filled up my life for more than three months.

        What's the matter? It was built out of plywood, lots of resin and Bondo and the standard stuff.

        Your high on the hog was: It's fun watching a 2-D design become a 3-D object.

        Pig peeve: Making it sturdy enough that I felt comfortable putting it outside. It has a lot of little details and it was difficult making it detailed without making it fragile.

        Best pig tale: I was told that this was the first pig that was picked by a sponsor.

        My favorite pork dish: Goetta.

        What artistic movement most affected the outcome of this pig? Model design, toy design.

        What do you call this pig: The name of the boat is Belle of Porkopolis.

        The materials cost: More than the $1,000 stipend. But it was worth it.

        Do you consider this art or porkography? It's just fun.


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