Tuesday, October 03, 2000

Port Authority proposal details

        The port authority proposal includes:

        • Specific boundaries for the authority in downtown, which primarily extends from the river to north of Third Street from the Interstate 75 bridge to the Interstate 471 bridge. It also includes contaminated sites in Hamilton County called brownfields.

        • The authority board — with nine members appointed by the county and nine by the city — will serve staggered terms. At least two 18-member committees will be appointed by the county and city for riverfront development and for brownfields development, which involves the port's longtime charge of cleaning up contaminated industrial sites.

        • A statement that the authority comply with the state's open meetings law, which requires meetings to be scheduled in advance and be open to the public.

        • Commitments from the city and county of $150,000 each in 2000, $350,000 each in the first quarter of 2001, $350,000 each in 2002 and $200,000 each in 2003.

        • A policy of economic inclusion, promising equal opportunity in all aspects of design, construction, execution and operation. The policy would make the city's work force standards a minimum requirement.

        • Prohibiting eminent domain over city- and county-owned property.

        • Prohibiting the authority from interfering with county and city deals already in place around the riverfront.


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