Tuesday, October 03, 2000

Drug suspects recalled as good students

By Janice Morse and Jennifer Mrozowski
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        HAMILTON — The news of the felony drug arrests of Justin Baker and Stephen Wolf spread fast — and hit hard.

        “We do have compassion for their parents, and in no way do they have anything to do with it,” Col. Richard K. Jones, Butler County sheriff's chief deputy, said Monday. “We're sure that it's very embarrassing for them.”

        Col. Jones' comments came in response to the weekend arrests of the pair of 20-year-old Miami University students: Mr. Baker, son of Hamilton City Schools Superintendent Janet Baker; and Mr. Wolf, whose father is Hamilton lawyer Myron Wolf.

        Sheriff's deputies, who arrested the pair Saturday, said they found a pound of cocaine — with a street value of about $50,000 — in a 1995 BMW registered to Mr. Wolf's mother.

        The young men's parents so far have not responded to requests for comment.

        Mr. Baker and Mr. Wolf, both free on bond, are sched uled for their initial court appearances on Thursday in Butler County Area I Court, Oxford.

        Mr. Baker is a graduate of Hamilton High School, and principal Tom Alf said he was a good student and a great tennis player while there.

        “I've known him since he was a toddler,” Mr. Alf said. “All my dealings with him were positive.”

        Mr. Baker was such a good student that he completed his credits early at Hamilton High School and left midway in his senior year to begin attending Mi ami University, Mr. Alf said.

        “He worked hard,” the principal said.

        Mr. Alf said he also knew Mr. Wolf, having served as principal of Garfield Junior High School while Mr. Wolf was a student there.

        Mr. Wolf attended St. Xavier, a Catholic high school lauded for its academics, Mr. Alf said.

        “He was an outstanding student, too,” he said.

        Mr. Alf said he could not shed light on why the two bright men got caught up with alleged illegal activity.

        “These are two fine, outstanding families,” he said.


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