Thursday, September 21, 2000

Results of our Olympic TV survey

Telecast flawed, but many watching anyway

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        With Olympic TV ratings down, The Enquirer asked for your thoughts on NBC's coverage.

        Of the 126 people who responded online, 66 said they're watching; 60 said they aren't. But even those who are watching had some issues with the coverage:

Those watching
        “I think not having any live events hurts a lot. Nobody wants to watch the events they just heard the results of on their drive home from work. I try not to hear, but you get bombarded with it.” - Jim Wolf, Cincinnati

        “I am watching on CBC from Canada ... it's live and up-to-date. In the morning they show you their evening events as they are happening . . . Let's watch the events and not a person's life story.” - Dave Moore, Bethel

“I think one channel should be live. I think they are underestimating the viewer. Some people would watch certain events live no matter what time it is. Hey, they stay up for infommercials.” - Tonya Jawwaad, Cincinnati

        “I think the coverage and the games themselves have been wonderful. I look forward to watching them after work each night!”

        - Melissa Mills, Monroe

Those not watching
        “It's too much like the Oprah show. I'd rather watch 24 hours of Bulgaria vs. Mugabe in sand volleyball, or at least watch it live at 2 a.m,. than to see one more novocaine-filled, 10-minute, human-interest story followed by a two-minute highlight from a day-old event.” - Greg Kissel, Cincinnati

        “I'd rather go online and gets real-time results. I don't like tape-delay. I want to see it or hear it or read live script. Why is there absolutely no live coverage? I'd stay up to watch it ... at least the events I like.” - C. Rinta, Beavercreek

        “What Olympics?” - Todd Laubach, West Chester

Viewers comments on Olympic TV coverage
Non-viewers comments on Olympic TV coverage

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