Sunday, September 17, 2000

Hammys to honor finest swine

Vote for your favorites from the Big Pig Gig

        Just when you thought we had completely pigged out, here come the Hammy Awards, ie. the Hammys.

        Unlike the Grammys, Tonys and even our own local pop music Cammys, these are a one-time-only thing in honor of - what else? — the Big Pig Gig public art project.

        Here's how it works:

        How to vote: Nominate a different pig in each category below, with the exception of Ham-Town Hero. Pigs in that category may also be nominated in another category. (Bottom line: nominate the same pig in more than Ham-Town hero and one other category and your ballot will be disqualified).


        • Ham-Town Hero (best overall)

        • Best Hog Call (most creative name)

        • Biggest Ham (most entertaining)

        • Best Pigs Feat (most daring construction)

        • Vintage Swine (captures the spirit of Porkopolis)

        Where to vote: All voting is online at

        Deadline: Friday, Sept. 29.

        Finalists: Top three vote getters in each category will be announced Sunday Oct. 8 in Tempo, at which time you will be able to vote for the winners.

        Help: Can't recall the name of that pig you loved so much? Well, all of the pigs we have profiled so far are archived at Also log on to the Big Pig Gig's official web site,, to find out more about the pigs.


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