Sunday, September 10, 2000

Online poll: Bush is likable

But Gore more knowledgeable

By Michael D. Clark
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Of the two major presidential candidates, Texas Gov. George W. Bush is more truthful, likable and a better leader than Vice President Al Gore — but even Bush supporters say Mr. Gore is more knowledgeable and experienced.

        So say hundreds of readers who responded to an online question posed last week by The Cincinnati Enquirer. More than 900 people participated in the unscientific sampling of opinion.

        Of the 911 readers who picked which candidate does better in the categories of “knowledge/experience,” 40 percent said Mr. Gore, a Democrat, while 33 percent named Mr. Bush, a Republican.

        Other tallies:

        • Mr. Bush was the clear winner in terms of “truthfulness,” garnering 56 percent of 914 responses compared with Mr. Gore's 25 percent.

        • Mr. Bush also collected 58 percent of 913 responses compared with 30 percent for Mr. Gore when measur ing “leadership.”

        • Mr. Bush also bested the vice president in the category of “likable” by 57 percent of 913 respondents compared with 26 percent for Mr. Gore.

        University of Cincinnati political science professor Mike Margolis said the opinions reflecting the Tristate's traditional Republican sup port were not surprising, but respondents giving a nod to Mr. Gore in the areas of “knowledge/experience” were.

        “Here you have Republican supporters who are expressing concerns about Bush's experience and knowledge. It's interesting,” said Mr. Margolis.

        Many who included comments with their e-mail responses blasted Mr. Gore for a perceived lack of honesty, switching political positions and defending President Clinton during his scandals.

        • “Gore will run the country by popularity polls just like his boss,” said Debra Simmons of Fairfield.

        • “Al Gore has repeatedly lied about his record and also under oath concerning the illegal fund raising. ... He constantly invokes class warfare to pit group against group. A leader unites, not divides. He is no leader. He is not honest and whatever knowledge or experience he has is null and void without truthfulness,” said A.J. Poulias of Fort Thomas.

        • “Why does Gore have so much work to do to fix all the ills of this country? What in the world has his administration been doing for the past 7.5 years?” asked Janet Wilking of St. Bernard.

        • Mike Whitener of Milford said, “George Bush doesn't have Washington's baggage. Gore will say anything to get elected.”

        Jeff Peter of Lebanon isn't par ticularly thrilled by either candidate, saying “these guys are cut from the same cloth with different agendas.

        “I really consider myself a Republican ... but I don't think (vice presidential candidate) Dick Cheney adds anything to Bush. Bush isn't ready,” said Mr. Peter.

        Some questioned whether Mr. Bush has the intellectual tools to be the leader of the free world.

        • Lori Cossens of Fort Thomas said, “George W. really scares me. He doesn't seem to really know anything about the issues. He has learned some catch phrases, but, let's just say despite his name, he's no George Bush.”

        • Matt Luken of Pleasant Ridge echoed similar concerns by saying of the two candidates, “I think I might like to hang around with (Bush) more, but that doesn't mean I want him as president. I don't want most of my friends to become president.

        “I don't appreciate how he reacts to questions about his past,” said Mr. Luken. “He's kind of squirrelly.”

- Online poll: Bush is likable
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