Tuesday, August 29, 2000

Frampton building Indian Hill home

        Meanwhile, out in Indian Hill, rock 'n' roll royalty is building itself a palace.

        That would be Peter Frampton, slapping up a gigantic new home on a waaay private lane — one of those jobs that winds way the heck back from the street.

        Why Cincinnati when he has been Nashville-based forever? It's because of wife Tina Elfers, whom he married in January, '96. Remember? There was a rehearsal dinner at the Maisonette, then the wedding and reception at the Cincinnati Club.

        So anyway, she's from Indian Hill and still has a ton of family here. Hence the house.

        High-end builder Tim Hensley is reportedly doing the job, but everyone associated with the project is so tight-lipped it's hard to get much more info.

        But we do know we haven't heard the last from him musically. There'll be a state of the art recording studio over the garage, so we're guessing he'll be recording out there.

        Semi-correct: So the local urban legend is, like all urban legends, wrong. But not totally.

        Referring here to all the buzz about guys using the gigantic scoreboard at Paul Brown Stadium to pop larger than life marriage proposals.

        “It hasn't happened yet,” says stadium spokeswoman Brooke Hill. “Romantic things have happened down there with some of the contractors working on the facility, but an engagement isn't one of them.”

        So what is one of them?

        • Last New Year's Eve, Jeff Smith, working with the glazing firm Waltek, proposed on site to one Sarah Johnstone. She accepted and they'll marry May 5 next year. The scoreboard wasn't in place at the time.

        • In July, this time with the scoreboard in place, one Mark Hiller, with the drywall firm of Valley Interiors, used it to celebrate his 11th anniversary with the message, “Jamie, thanks for 11 wonderful years. Love Mark.”

        And if someone does want to use the board to propose? “It's hard to say,” Ms. Hill says. “It's a Bengals operating issue, so it would be up to them. I'm not aware of anyone having asked yet.”

        Vibe notes: We'll be needing a round of applause here. Or maybe a chorus or two of the anniversary waltz.

        Do it for ex-Cincinnatian (and ex-Enquirer staffer back in the '80s) Emil Wilbekin, who's celebrating his first anniversary as Vibe editor.

        Vibe, don't you know, is the urban music magazine founded by Quincy Jones in '92. Today, it's big, slick, packed with ads and circulates about 800,000.

        Wilbekin, 32, has been with it since the beginning, holding a ton of jobs in every section of the magazine. He made his biggest mark in the fashion section, on account of that's his passion. Besides Vibe, he has styled videos for Mary J. Blige, Joi and Kenny Latimore, plus produced fashion shows for Banana Republic and Rockport.

        He celebrates his anniversary with the Sept. 7 Juice edition.

        But first, one of these: ClapClapClap.
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