Tuesday, August 29, 2000

113 acres donated for preservation

The Associated Press

        AURORA, Ohio — A northeast Ohio couple is donating 113 acres, worth an estimated $2.8 million, to the Audubon Society of Greater Cleveland for a wildlife sanctuary.

        Lenore Molnar, 79, of Fairview Park said she and her husband, Michael, wanted the land preserved and not sold to developers. The couple bought the bulk of the property about 50 years ago.

        “Money isn't everything,” Mrs. Molnar said. “You have to have a love of nature.”

        Aurora now has three Audubon wildlife sanctuaries, more than any other community in Ohio, said Daniel Melcher, vice president of the 1,500-member group.

        “They are making a powerful statement about urban sprawl and the importance of preserving land,” Mr. Melcher said. “They are people who developed a close attachment to their land and don't want to see it turned into cement and condos.”


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