Monday, August 21, 2000

Party like a 'Survivor' in your back yard

By Christine Oliva
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Down from 16 castaways to four with the last two episodes to air on Wednesday, the tension is mounting on the CBS show Survivor. Kelly, Susan, Richard, Rudy — only one will make it. But there's no reason all the fun has to take place on Pulau Tiga.

        You can turn your back yard into a jungle and throw your own immunity challenges. Eat “rats,” :spear “fish,” slop inmud and see how many of your friends “survive” as the jury decides which survivor will get the cash.

        Here are tips on how to throw the perfect Survivor Party from's Party Guy.

        Invitations: Put details on scraps of paper in clear plastic bottles. Slap on address labels and deliver them as is.

        Decorations: Tiki torches, green plants, palm fronds, driftwood, rubber snakes and plastic bugs. Don't forget a blow-up pool (perfect for holding ice and cold drinks.)

        Food and drinks: Rats (chicken wings) labeled “It only tastes like chicken,” and rice — lots of rice. Pina coladas (served in hollowed-out coconuts) or mudslides, a blend of kahlua, vodka, Irish cream and milk (in honor of the mud volcano).


        • The Ultimate Survivor Contest. During commercial breaks, play short games and after each contest, “banish” the losers from the island (but not the party). Continue playing games until, by the end of the show, only two players remain. At that point, all the banished people vote on who is the one true Survivor. The big winner of the night gets a lottery ticket (potentially worth a million bucks).

        • B.B.'s Chopstick Contest. A rice-eating race with chopsticks out of a hollowed-out coconut bowl.

        • Stacey's Bug-eating Contest. Conceal slimy foods in paper bags, dim the lights and have a race to eat them (no peeking). Last ones to finish lose immunity. Food suggestions: Gummi spiders, brown rice “maggots,” cold spaghetti “worms.”

        • The “Who-Needs-Richard” Fishing Contest. In the blow-up pool, put plastic eggs with magnets in them and let your guests fish with your own version of Sean's “Super Pole 2000” (with another magnet where the hook should be). In each egg, put a message, such as “The Tribe has spoken” or “Reward Challenge Winner.”

        • “Cool”-leen's Tangled Webs. Give each Survivor 10 wire hangers and have them each mix them together into an ungainly mess. Then, have them swap with the other Survivors and race to untangle them. Last ones to finish lose.

        Are you planning a Survivor bash for the big finale? We want to hear details of your gathering. E-mail: Please include your name, address and daytime phone.


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