Monday, August 21, 2000


Ways to stay active and healthy

Research News
        Not a no-brainer: You've heard of athletes being in “The Zone.” For Tiger Woods and other elite athletes, it's an altered state of being that enables them to focus so deeply that their actions become almost automatic, and success comes much easier.

        Now, University of Chicago scientists are peering deep into the brains of nine top women pro golfers to find out what happens neurologically when they enter that zone. Researchers hope the answers will lead to new methods of helping stroke patients relearn tasks such as walking. — THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

Nutrition News
               Running for president: One thing's for sure, both Al Gore and George Bush are fit to be president. So says USA Weekend magazine, which had both candidates work out with its fitness expert.

        It was a close race. Mr. Gore's resting blood pressure was 110/68; Mr. Bush's was 104/80. Mr. Gore runs up to 36 miles a week at a 9-minutes-per-mile pace; Mr. Bush runs up to 24 miles a week at a 7-minutes-per-mile pace. Mr. Gore's best time in a 26.2-mile marathon is 4 hours, 58 minutes; Mr. Bush's best, 3 hours, 44 minutes. Both do strength training — Mr. Gore even takes dumbbells on the road. — THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

        Olympic Games: Track the summer Olympics games starting in Sydney, Australia, on Sept. 15, with these Web sites provided by August's Men's Fitness magazine.

        • — the official site of the games that includes a medal tally.

        • — no-frills news about games and athletes.

        • — NBC's site on games information with coverage that doesn't get TV air time.

        • — e-mail your favorite athlete or team once the site is up and running.

        •— learn Olympic history by browsing past gold medalists by sport.

        • — get the “real story” here on the ancient Greek Games that began in 776 B.C. — GANNETT NEWS SERVICE

        Choose wisely: One way to ensure a varied, healthy diet is to wisely choose foods every day in your cooking and eating lifestyle. Try these tips to help keep you on the right track toward a healthy diet:

        • Choose egg whites, egg substitutes, skim or 1 percent milk, low-fat or nonfat cheeses and low-fat or nonfat yogurt.

        • Limit the use of cream, sour cream, whipping cream and regular cheese. — THE ASSOCIATED PRESS