Tuesday, August 08, 2000

Olympic Swimming Trials schedule

        • Day sessions 10 a.m., Evening sessions 7 p.m.

        • TV: NBC will televise live 4-6 p.m. Sunday and tape delayed 8-10 p.m. on Aug. 19.

        (P: preliminaries; S: semifinals; F: finals)


        Men's 400 freestyle: P,F (Ketchum*, McLeod)

        Men's 100 breaststroke: P,S (Knueven)

        Women's 400 IM: P,F (Ransom)


        Men's 100 breaststroke: F (Knueven)

        Men's 100 backstroke: P,S (Cramer, Earhart)

        Men's 200 freestyle: P,S (Dusing, Ketchum)

        Women's 100 backstroke: P,S (Bresser)

        Women's 100 breaststroke: P,S (Commons)


        Men's 100 backstroke: F (Cramer, Earhart)

        Men's 200 freestyle: F (Dusing, Ketchum)

        Men's 200 butterfly: P,S (Cramer, Ketchum*, McNally)

        Women's 100 backstroke: F (Bresser)

        Women's 100 breaststroke: F (Commons)

        Women's 200 freestyle: P,S (Phenix)

        Women's 200 IM: P,S (Ransom)


        Men's 200 butterfly: F (Cramer, Kramer*, McNally)

        Men's 200 breaststroke: P,S (Knueven)

        Men's 100 freestyle: P,S (Dusing, Wales)

        Women's 200 freestyle: F (Phenix)

        Women's 200 IM: F (Ransom)


        Men's 200 breaststroke: F (Knueven)

        Men's 100 freestyle: F (Dusing, Wales)

        Men's 200 backstroke: P,S (Earhart)

        Men's 200 IM: P,S (Ketchum*, Zafft)

        Women's 100 freestyle: P,S (Phenix, Ransom, Sheil)


        Men's 200 backstroke: F (Earhart)

        Men's 200 IM: F (Ketchum*, Zafft)

        Men's 100 butterfly: P,S (Cramer, Dusing, Elliott, McNally, Seither, Wales, Zafft)

        Women's 100 freestyle: F (Phenix, Ransom, Sheil)

        Women's 200 backstroke: P,S (Bresser, Tepe)


        Men's 100 butterfly: F (Cramer, Dusing, Elliott, McNally, Seither, Wales, Zafft)

        Men's 1,500 freestyle: P (Ense, McLeod)

        Women's 200 backstroke: F (Bresser, Tepe)

        Women's 50 freestyle: P,S (Phenix)


        Men's 1,500 freestyle: F (Ense, McLeod)

        Women's 50 freestyle: F (Phenix)

        (*Ketchum may scratch)

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