Wednesday, August 02, 2000

Readers split on survivors

By John Kiesewetter
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        With only four weeks to go on Survivor (8 p.m. today, Channels 12, 7), who should get booted off the island?

        Enquirer readers say: Everybody! Here's why:

        • Gervase Peterson, 30, Philadelphia, one of two “Pagong” tribe members: “Gervase does nothing to help out the rest of the people. You would think he would at least try to make it look like he was doing something,” says Jeff Pierce, Western Hills.

        • Colleen Haskell, 23, Miami Beach, the other Pagong: “She and Greg had their own little clique earlier, so she should leave to join him now,” says Jerome Schaeper Jr., Covington. “True, she was nice to look at, but so are Kelly and even Susan in some earthy sort of way.”

        • Richard Hatch, 39, Newport, R.I., one of the “Tagi” tribe Survivors who formed an alliance to vote Pagong members off the island: “Richard's naked (birthday) romp just may get him booted off next. The only reason he wasn't booted off last week was due to Sean's unreasonable approach of voting people off the island alphabetically,” says Eric Schultz, Colerain Township.

        • Rudy Boesch, 72, Virginia Beach, Va.: “Rudy should be kicked off next. He doesn't hardly do anything, except walk around complaining at everybody,” says Cindy Abston, Goshen.

        • Sean Kenniff, 30, Long Island, N.Y.: “They should get rid of Sean. The alliance of Richard, Susan and Rudy knew that Sean would vote Jenna off the island last week, so it was easy for them to choose her to boot off,” says Patty Young, Symmes Township.

        • Susan Hawk, 38, Palmyra, Wis.: “I know there are some other people on the island that are a pain in the backside, but Susan is the most back-stabbing, bad-attitude person there by far. I say the others will get their due. Get rid of Susan,” says David Stapleton, Milford.

        • Kelly Wiglesworth, 22, Las Vegas: “The alliance will count on Sean to vote next against Kelly, and Kelly will be the one voted out this week. But I do not think she deserves it, nor did Jenna,” says Maryhelen A. Hibben, Dent.

        “The Survivor logo states "Out Wit, Out Play, Out Last.' It seems that many of the contestants were there to survive in terms of playing the best at the "reward' and "immunity' challenges, or to survive in terms of tolerating the conditions and lasting to the end. But only a few really have the strategy to outwit the other contestants, and the sense to apply that thinking from early in the game.

        “As strategic as Richard has been, I am surprised that he did not limit his nudity to more private areas of the beach. I would think that he would realize this habit could be alienating and lead to people voting against him.”

        And then there is Carl Cassner of Hillsboro, who says everybody should be sent home.

        “They all should be rescued by a United Nations Task Force,” Mr. Cassner says, “and the island made into an international preserve for endangered sea gulls and whales.”


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