Wednesday, August 02, 2000

Gray goes beyond Mars and Venus

Popular advice writer refocuses on individuals attaining success through self-healing, new diet

        After years of explaining why men and women do what they do, relationship guru John Gray has turned his insight inward.

Who: John Gray, relationship guru and author of the Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, presents a one-day workshop on self-healing, including stress reduction and meditation.
When/where: Aug. 12 at the Alliance Institute for Integrative Medicine, 6400 Galbraith Road. Reservations: Call 791-5521. Seating is limited. Cost is $165 per person, which includes lunch.
        Dr. Gray will visit Cincinnati Aug. 12 to present a one-day workshop on self-healing at the Alliance Institute for Integrative Medicine.

        In a telephone interview with reporter Peggy O'Farrell, Dr. Gray plugged his current book, How to Get What You Want and Want What You Have, and the upcoming release, Practical Miracles for Mars and Venus, and shared his growing interest in self-healing and wellness techniques. He is now promoting energy healing as a way toward health and success, along with a new diet that stresses avoiding refined sugars and wheat. Here are some excerpts from that interview:

        Question: What brings you to the Queen City?

Answer: While I'm in Cincinnati, I'm doing a seminar which contains the ideas about achieving personal success contained in my books. The seminar is primarily focusing on self-healing techniques because as we get older, if we don't maintain a balance in our lives, we tend to get sicker and sicker. We're actually designed to stay healthy and to be able to heal ourselves. But this ability to heal ourselves is weakened because we don't make the necessary changes to stay healthy. We keep focusing on our old needs, thinking meeting those will make us happy. But as we get older, our needs change.

        Q: Why focus on the self now after all those years of bringing couples' planets into alignment?

A: Nine years ago, when Men Are from Mars, Women are From Venus, was taking off and a big huge success, I also had a bit of a personal tragedy. I had an infection in my left eye and I gradually lost sight in it. The doctors didn't know what it was or how to treat it. They said, “Be grateful it's only eye.”

        They didn't know how to heal it. It just got darker and darker and darker. And I went blind in it. After dealing with my depression over the thing — and it was a very depressing situation — I used these things I talk about in the book, and I was able to deal with the situation. I learned about acupuncture and acupressure and massage, diet adjustments, herbal treatments, all kinds of things.

        There's so many alternative treatments, and things were helping, but I continued and started going to alternative healers and energy healers, and I found them to be very healing. And I regained my vision.

        That's what motivated me to start researching this idea. Going to energy healers and going to alternative healers, I found they had dramatic success. But even when you went to these healers who had had great success, they couldn't heal everybody. They didn't heal everybody. That's when I began to focus on why some people got better and some people didn't. And I found that we have to learn to be receptive to that treatment and to awaken within our bodies that natural healing process.

  John Gray's four steps for attracting and creating greater success in life, From How to Get What You Want and Want What You Have:
   Set your intention: Recognize where you are and where you need to to achieve inner and outer success. Achieving balance between you're soul's desire and the desires of your heart, mind and senses adds up to success.
    Get what you need: Identify the different kinds of love and support that you need, and map out how to get. Success will follow.
    Get what you want: Learn to create outer success without sacrificing your true self.
    Remove the blocks to personal success: Identify common blocks that could be holding you back from having what you want and begin to clear the way to inner and outer success.
    Source: How to Get What You Want and Want What You Have by John Gray.
        Q: You're focusing now on energy healing and you've tried a number of other alternative therapies. What about people for whom those methods don't work?

A: Whatever treatment they use, if that treatment has worked for somebody else, and it's not working for you, why not take personal responsibility for that and increase your receptivity to healing? When somebody heals you, all they're doing is activating that capacity for healing. I'm not teaching people to give up needing experts and nurses and doctors. I'm helping them to work with themselves and activate that self-healing and learn to avoid sickness and create vibrant health.

        Q: How does attitude affect health?

        A: These diseases don't just happen by coincidence. They don't happen because we're born that way. We have general dispositions toward certain sicknesses, but that doesn't mean we're going to get sick. . . . Being sick is not programmed into someone's being. That's a real losing attitude.

        Q: Your new book centers on “practical miracles” and how to make them happen. What's a practical miracle?

        A: Having a loving relationship in this day and time is a miracle, and being successful. We often say some people are just lucky. But it is a practical miracle. So is being healthy, and learning how to stay healthy and grow old healthy.

        John Gray's current book, How to Get What You Want and Want What You Have, is now available in paperback (HarperCollins; $14). His new release, Practical Miracles for Mars and Venus, (HarperCollins; $24) will be available in mid-September.


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