Republican National Convention
Tuesday, August 01, 2000

GOP presses PACs to donate 75 percent

By John Solomon
The Associated Press

        PHILADELPHIA — The Republican Party is making a list, and checking it twice. It intends to find out who's been giving too much money to those Democrats.

        In a hard-sell tactic, the GOP fund-raising arm for House candidates has created a new 75 Percent Club for special interests. What is the 75 percent? A requirement that political action committees give three-quarters of their contributions to Republican candidates — or they might not get their calls returned.

        With control of Congress up for grabs this fall, Republicans are sending an unmistakable message to those who are thinking about hedging their bets by writing checks to both parties.

        “They've got to make a decision of how they are go ing to help their friends and who their friends are,” said Rep. Thomas Reynolds of New York, one of the National Republican Congressional Committee's key fund-raisers.

        Mr. Reynolds said he understood why some special interests might want to hedge their bet, since House control could go either way. “I think you also have to suffer the consequence of loyalty in being able to discuss some of the issues,” he said.

        To make the point, PACs have been told the NRCC checks the Federal Election Commission records each month to make sure they're at 75 percent or above.

        The GOP also held a reception for the 75 Percent Majority last month in Washington so House committee chairmen and leaders could recognize the PACs.

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