Monday, July 24, 2000

Airport opens play area to help kids burn off fuel

By Patrick Crowley
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        HEBRON — If you think its dull for adults to be stuck in an airport, think how boring it is for kids.

        “There's just not much for kids to do,” said Ted Bushelman, director of communications at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.

        “It's just hard for them to sit and wait on an airplane. They want something to do. They want to play,” he said.

        To that end the Kenton County Airport Board and Delta Air Lines have opened a small play area in Delta's Concourse B.

        KidsPort is located on the east end of the concourse in a former passenger waiting area near Gate 27. It features large plastic toys, including a playhouse and a small fort with a slide.

        “This is something we've had people ask about for a long time,” said Bert Huff, a member of the Kenton County Airport Board. “But it's been hard to find space for a children's play area.”

        Comair has a small play area in its concourse.

        The play area opened July 4 as part of program by Delta and the airport board to provide activities for children during one of the busiest air travel weekends of the year.

        “It was really well-received by the passengers and especially the kids,” Mrs. Huff said. “We'd like to continue this type of activity, especially during holiday travel period.”

        The airport board and Delta are scouting other locations to expand KidsPort.

        “We'd much rather see the kids playing in a place like KidsPort instead of seeing them play on the escalators,” Mr. Bushelman said.


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