Thursday, July 20, 2000

Postcard from the British Open

By Paul Daugherty
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        ST. ANDREWS, Scotland — At 4 Wednesday afternoon, I walked four blocks from the Old Course and into a shop where I wagered five British pounds that Ernie Els would win the British Open. It was like buying a newspaper or a bottle of aspirin. It was all legal.

        This is how they bet on sports here and elsewhere in Europe. There's no need for a bookie or secret betting slips or Las Vegas. You just go out for a gallon of milk, a dozen eggs and five quid on Ernie Els at 14-1.

        So if Els wins Sunday and my prose seems a little overindulgent, well, at least I'm telling you up front.

        (By the way, five pounds at 14-1 comes to about $150 for me if Els wins.)

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