Wednesday, July 05, 2000

'Survivor' fans give Rudy, Sean the boot

By Jim Knippenberg
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Yo, Rudy! Sean! You better be watching your backs. You two are in a dead heat in the Enquirer's reader poll of who should get the boot next.

        Five of Survivor's (8 p.m., Channels 12, 7) original 16 hardy souls have been voted off the South China Sea island where those remaining do their best to survive by wits alone. One of them gets kicked off tonight when the show ends with its weekly tribal council.

        Last survivor left standing gets $1 million.

        This week — same as last week — Sean and Rudy led the voting for island expulsion.

        If Cincinnatian Bonnie Shelley gets her way, Rudy, the 72-year-old retired Navy seal from Virginia Beach, will not be the one left standing.

        “I think that Rudy should be the next person to leave because he doesn't try to be a part of the team. He's always worried about what other people do wrong rather than correcting his own mistakes. He never helps with getting food.”

        Nope, says Cincinnatian Maryhelen Hibben, next to go should be Sean, the 30-year-old neurologist from Long Island. You know, the guy who's busy as all get-out building a bowling alley in the sand.

        “My vote is to cast away Sean,” Ms. Hibben says. “It appears that the others on the team are doing more productive work more of the time.

        “He should have changed his tactics on the fishing after a couple of days. Then when he is off the raft, he spends his time on a play activity of building a bowling alley. We almost never see him doing other things that would benefit the team.”

        Susan, the 38-year-old truck driver from Palmyra, Wis., is no prize either, says Karen Nell of Mason. “I hope Susan, the truck driver, gets kicked off this week. She is a two-faced (bleep).

        “Each week you see her in cahoots with another, planning on whom they will vote out. I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her ... She definitely comes across as a back-stabber.”

        But remember, says Ms. Hibben, none of us out here in TV land has has all the facts: “My opinion is based on what the editors have shown us ... a very limited portion of their time ... we don't get a complete idea of how much the people work ... Ramona and Dirk seemed like different people in their interviews on TV. Dirk said that the show did not show that he went on almost every water run.”

        Doesn't matter one way or another to Don Heber, Mount Healthy: “Who would I cast away? Why the whole show ... it's aimed at the 20something mindless crowd.”

        Ernie Pretot of Southgate feels the same way: “My vote for the next survivor to go: The whole bunch of them.”

        Sorry Ernie, only one goes. We find out who the unlucky dog is tonight.

Who should be cast away next?

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