Monday, July 03, 2000

Pig Parade: Ham Strings

'Red Violin' serves as swine inspiration

By Owen Findsen
The Cincinnati Enquirer

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        This is 65th in a series spotlighting pigs from the Big Pig Gig Public Art Project taking place in Cincinnati, Covington and Newport. Find past pig profiles and event details at

        Artist: Grace Chin, 29, Clifton. Ms. Chin, assistant director of development at the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. She is leaving Cincinnati to become membership director at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.

        Sponsor: Frank Messer & Sons Construction Co. for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

        This pig's pen: Classical Music Center, 4 W. Fourth St., downtown.

        What's the pig idea?: My background is in sculpture. I used real parts from a bass viol and a cello and attached them to the back of the pig. Paul Bartel at the Baroque Violin Shop provided the parts. Stage hand Steve Beacock assisted.

        You were inspired by: I was inspired by the movie The Red Violin, about the life of a violin as it is owned by various musicians. The banner across the chest of the pig reads “If music be the food of love, play on.”

        You want people to look at this pig and think: I think the CSO should commission a piece for pig and orchestra.

        Completing the project took: About 60 hours.

        This pig is covered with: A bass fingerboard, tail piece and tuning keys and cello strings, with acrylic paint.

        Your high on the hog was: When I finished stringing the pig I was thrilled that it actually made a sound, not in tune though.

        Pig peeve: Waiting to get my pig.

        If your pig starred in a movie, who would you cast to play the role? Jack Benny.

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