Sunday, July 02, 2000

Boynton, Molony top seeds at Met

By Dave Schutte
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Craig Boynton, a former touring professional and three-time Thomas E. Price Metropolitan Tennis Tournament champion, is back.

        After sitting out the 1999 Met, Boynton, a teaching pro at Harpers Point, has entered the singles and doubles competition of the tournament that begins Wednesday at Lunken Playfield.

  • What: Men's and Women's Pro/Am Singles and Doubles.
  • When: Wednesday, July 5 through Sunday, July 15.
  • Where: Lunken Playfield.
  • Surface: Clay for most matches.
  • Entrants: 112 Men; 31 Women.
  • Admission: Free. Semifinals and Championship, $2.
  • Men's Singles Seeds: 1. Craig Boynton, 2. Jeff Wolf, 3. Dan Kronauge, 4. Brett DeCurtins, 5. Jason Yeager, 6. Rey Puentes, 7. Jason Pressel, 8. Mike Dektas, 9. Matt Poulos, 10. Ben Schreiber, 11. Chris Thatcher, 12. Matt Dektas, 13. Tracy Epperson, 14. Mike Lint, 15. Eric Matthews, 16. Robert Horne.
  • Women's Singles Seeds: 1. Kara Molony, 2. Emilia Anderson, 3. Amy Frisch, 4. Lindsey Molony, 5. Meredith Vincent, 6. Maryann Srenco, 7. Gloria Guntinas, 8. Natasha Benoig.
  • Doubles: Entries open until Wednesday, July 5, 6 p.m.
        “I had elbow surgery a year ago in April,” said Boynton, the 1995, '97 and '98 Met champion. “I'm not 100 percent but well enough to swing the racket.”

        Undefeated in 15 previous Met singles matches, Boynton was the unanimous choice as the No.1 seed. Four-time champion Jeff Wolf is No.2, followed by Dan Kronauge and Brett DeCurtins.

        “Every year it's painstakingly hard to get into playing shape and work out to be competitive against a younger and younger field,” Wolf said. “But the fire still burns, and when I don't have the fire anymore, I'll drop out.”

        Defending champion Jason Yeager, who recently lost to DeCurtins in a local tournament, was seeded No.5. Rey Puentes, Jason Pressel and Mike Dektas round out the top eight.

        “That's life,” Yeager said when learning of the No.5 seed. “Everybody seeded higher has beaten me. I have a lot of respect for all of them.”

        Two-time defending champion Kara Molony was the obvious choice as the No.1 seed in the women's draw. A junior at the University of Cincinnati, Molony qualified to the NCAA Tournament and won a first-round match.

        Emilia Anderson, a recent Anderson High School graduate, was seeded No.2, followed by Amy Frisch and Molony's younger sister Lindsey.

        “I can't speak for the entire field, but the top 16 (men's) players are much stronger than last year,” Tom Price said. “The women's tournament is also stronger.”

        The men's doubles tournament may be the strongest in years with Boynton teamed with his brother-in-law, Kelly Jones, also a former touring professional.

        Wolf and Kronauge are expected to be seeded No.2.

        Registration for the women's and men's doubles competition will remain open until Wednesday when the seeding and drawing will be conducted.

        Through Saturday, 47 men's doubles teams have entered (44 in 1999) along with 15 women's teams (20 in '99).

        Instead of playing the doubles championships Saturday following the singles semifinals, the doubles have been moved to Friday, July 16.

        All of the 16 seeded men received a first-round bye. Kara Molony received the only bye in the first round of the women's tournament.

        Play begins weekday evenings at 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday matches start at 10 a.m. the first weekend.

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