Sunday, May 28, 2000

N.Ky. Class AAA track

Scott girls win regional championship

By George Schutte
Enquirer Contributor

        The pressure was on Scott senior Jessica Biedenbender and she was up to the task in Saturday's Class AAA meet.

        Competing in the triple jump at the same time as the 1,600-meter relay and with Scott holding a 99-93 lead, Biedenbender left the triple jump pit and ran the third leg of the relay to seal the victory for her school.

        With Biedenbender's win in the triple jump and Scott's third-place finish in the 1,600 relay coupled with a sixth-place finish by Notre Dame in the triple jump, the Eagles won their second straight regional title.

        “I was really stressed out on the final two events.” Biedenbender said. “I didn't want to lose on the last jump since I've finished second in the regionals the past two years.”

        Scott's distance runners Lauren Crook, Jennifer Wilson, and Crystal Brefeld also gave solid performances.

        Wilson won the 800 meters, and Crook and Brefeld were second in the 1,600- and 3,200-meter runs, respectively.

        Junior Christen Jones won the 110 hurdles (14.8), 100 meters (12.2) and 200 meters (24.9). She also anchored the second-place 400 relay (1:01.5).

        Ryle's 800 relay team of Ashley Vogt, Julianne Laney, Jennifer Knopf, and Jill Powell set a school record with their time of 1:47.19, with their previous best time a 1:50 this season.

        “Last year we won the regional in 1:48.” Powell said. “Hopefully we'll be able to beat our time today next week at state.”

        Also for Ryle, Susanne Funken qualified to four events at the state meet next week. She won the high jump at 5-feet and finished second in the 100 hurdles, pole vault and triple jump.

        Covington Catholic won its eighth consecutive regional title, defeating second-place Ryle 173 to 58 and advancing 15 runners to the state meet.

        “We have a strong team this year, and I wasn't concerned with the outcome.” Covington Catholic coach Jim Johnson said. “I wanted to qualify as many as possible to have a chance at state.”

        After taking a commanding lead in Friday's field events, the Colonels' depth took over in the remaining running events, winning six events and finishing second in another five.

        Nick Beck took home two individual titles in the 110 hurdles and the 300 hurdles while also running on the winning 1,600 relay and second-place 400 relay.

        Boys results

        (at Ryle)

        Team Standings: 1. Covington Catholic 173, 2. Ryle 58, 3. Boone COunty 52, 4. Holmes 51, 5. Scott COunty 48, 6. Scott 44, 7. Campbell County 38, 8. Simon Kenton 24, 9. Dixie Heights 22, 10. Montgomery County 19, 11. Conner 17, 12. Harrison County 12.

        State Qualifiers

        110Hurdles—1. Beck (CovCath) 15.7; 2. Redmon (CovCath) 15.7.

        100M—1. Bane (Holmes) 10.9; 2. Weaver (Holmes) 11.0; 3. B. Hall (Ryle) 11.1; 4. Clifford (Boone) 11.2.

        800Relay—1. Boone County 1:32.3; 2. Holmes 1:32.4.

        1600M—1. Seitz (Scott) 4:28.8; 2. Kramer (Campbell) 4:32.6.

        400Relay—1. Scott County 44.3; 2. Covington Catholic 44.7.

        400M—1. Butler (CovCath) 51.7; 2. Thomas (Scott Co.) 52.0.

        300Hurdles—1. Beck (CovCath) 40.6; 2. Hanson (CovCath) 40.6.

        800M—1. Wolff (CovCath) 1:59.9; 2. Kramer (Campbell) 2:00.4.

        200M—1. B. Hall (Ryle) 23.0; 2. Morrison (Simon) 23.1.

        3200M—1. Seitz (Scott) 10:03.8; 2. Tracy (Ryle) 10:19.1.

        1600Relay—1. Covington Catholic 3:30.4; 2. Ryle 3:33.3.

        Discus—1. David Leong (CovCath) 155-6; 2. Mike Applegate (CovCath) 139-9.

        Long Jump—1. Bane (Holmes) 20-11/2; 2. Adam Burke (CovCath) 19-61/4.


        (at Ryle)

        Team Standings: 1. Scott 117, 2. Notre Dame 109, 3. Ryle 92, 4. Boone County 64, 5. Campbell County 41, 6. Dixie Heights 40, 7. Simon Kenton 37, 8. Scott County 24, 9. Harrison County 23, 10. Montgomery County 10, 11. Conner 1.

        State Qualifiers

        100Hurdles—1. Jones (Boone) 14.8; 2. Funken (Ryle) 15.9.

        100M—1. Jones (Boone) 12.2; 2. Garrett (Scott Co.) 12.4; 3. Carter (Simon) 12.6.

        800Relay—1. Ryle 1:47.19 (school record); 2. Notre Dame 1:48.6.

        1600M—1. Crowe (Notre) 5:23.1; 2. Crook (Scott) 5:24.2.

        400Relay—1. Notre Dame 51.2; 2. Boone County 51.3.

        400M—1. Henn (Campbell) 1:00.9; 2. Wilson (Scott) 1:01.5.

        300Hurdles—1. Verst (Notre) 47.6; 2. Averdick (Notre) 48.1.

        800M—1. Wilson (Scott) 2:22.1; 2. Henn (Campbell) 2:27.9.

        200M—1. Jones (Boone) 24.9; 2. Garrett (Scott Co.) 25.6; 3. Carter (Simon) 26.3.

        3200M—1. Crowe (Notre) 11:59.7; 2. Brefeld (Scott) 12:00.9.

        1600Relay—1. Notre Dame 4:13.9; 2. Ryle 4:17.3.

        Triple Jump—1. Biedenbender (Scott) 33-6; 2. Funken (Ryle) 33-23/4.

        Pole Vault—1. Verville (Scott) 7-6; 2. Funken (Ryle) 6-6.

        Shot Put—1. Fisk (Scott) 33-53/4; 2. Furnish (Harr) 32-1/2.

        Long Jump—1. Stevens (Mont) 15-61/4; 2. Abigail Ochse (Notre) 15-23/4.

        High Jump—1. Funken (Ryle) 5-0; 2. Maddox (Simon) 4-10.

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