Monday, May 15, 2000

Volunteers fix homes in Boone

By Kristina Goetz
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        BURLINGTON — Thanks to volunteers, nearly two dozen homes in Boone County soon will be in better repair.

        People working in connection with Home Properties of Boone County Inc. spread out over the weekend to begin this year's summer Repair Affair.

        Another will be this fall.

        “We've expanded it a little this year because we had a little more money to spend,” said Dottie Wray, administrator for Home Properties, which strives to provide safe, comfortable housing for low-income people.

        Charlene Agrue and her husband, Grover, who live in Boone County, have received assistance from volunteers for the past five years.

        “They go around and help people who can't afford to do the repairs themselves and people who are on disability,” Mrs. Agrue said. “They do something almost every year. It isn't how much they get accomplished in one day, it's just how much they care.”

        Mrs. Agrue said volunteers have replaced windows and insulated her home in past years.

        Home Properties started working in conjunction with the People Working Cooperatively Repair Affair but branched out two years ago. This year the Boone County organization worked with county officials to identify 20 homeowners who needed assistance.

        Supported by the state and local companies, Home Properties will be able to spend $4,000 on this event and on the winterization program in the fall.

        Ms. Wray said some families are so desperate that by the time volunteers arrive they can't say thanks enough.

        “For the people's homes that we're repairing, it's helping them stay in their homes,” Ms. Wray said. “The houses just get so run down that they sometimes can't stay.”

        For more information about the Repair Affair or to volunteer, call 371-5985.


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