Monday, May 15, 2000

Schools aim to lift Middie Pride

Open house, contest to ease district change

By Sue Kiesewetter
Enquirer Contributor

        MIDDLETOWN — Middie Pride is going to be rejuvenated.

        So say educators in Middletown schools, who are asking for student help as the district changes from a combined district with Monroe to two separate districts.

        “For the past several months, we've been asking opinions of what the district should look like through community dialogues, forums and the Web site,” said Karen Jackson, school and community relations specialist for Middletown schools.

        “But we've not gotten input from the kids.

        “We want them to help us develop a new image for the district.”

        Toward that goal, the district is sponsoring a “Renew the Spirit by Showing Your Talent” contest, open to all students who will attend Middletown schools in the fall. Participants will be asked to write a motto and incorporate it into a logo they design, or create an art design.

        The selected work will be used on school stationery, envelopes and official documents and booklets.

        Students will compete in four age categories. All entries should be turned in to the school office where the child attends by June 1.

        “We want to be able to recognize as many kids as we can,” Ms. Jackson said.

        Besides the contest, Middie Pride will be reinforced at the middle school level by selecting school colors to match the Middie purple.

        Athletic Director Walt Simpkins said the red and gray Vail Bulldogs and the black and gold Verity Vi kings would switch their colors to purple and white.

        Not only would that emphasize their connection as feeder schools to Middletown High, but would allow for sharing of uniforms or gear when needed, Mr. Simpkins said.

        To acquaint new students to Middletown High or those coming back from Lemon-Monroe, an open house will be held 6:30 p.m. today in the Middletown High School auditorium.

        While parents ask questions, students will be able to tour the building and sign up for clubs or athletic teams.

        “There will be a lot of exciting things happening during the open house,” said parent Vicki Frazer, who is on the Parent Involvement Committee that is organizing the open house.

        “We wanted to make the transition into the new Middletown City School District and Middletown High School as smooth as possible.”


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