Tuesday, May 09, 2000

Auditor seeks mercy for sister

Dismissal recommended

By Steve Kemme
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        UNION TOWNSHIP — At the request of Butler County Auditor Kay Rogers, a magistrate Monday recommended the dismissal of a domestic violence charge against the auditor's sister.

        Denise Schipper is accused of slapping Ms. Rogers in the face after an argument April 30.

        “I feel this is a very, very isolated incident,” Ms. Rog ers told Magistrate Dwight Packard in Butler County Area III Court.

        The magistrate agreed to recommend a dismissal.

        “It was just a slap,” he said. “It's something that evolved from an argument. I think it's in the best interests of the family that it be handled within the family.”

        Area III Court Judge Robert Hendrickson normally would rule on this case. But he declined to hear it be cause of a potential conflict of interest. As a judge, he deals with Ms. Rogers in her capacity as county auditor.

        He referred the case to Visiting Judge Larry Moore. Judge Moore will decide today whether to dismiss the charge against Mrs. Schipper, 40, of Union Township.

        Ms. Rogers stood by her sister's side in court and explained the circumstances of the incident.

        Ms. Rogers said she had called police to her house April 30 because her oldest son had not returned from a visitation with her ex-husband. The alleged slap occurred while police were there, she said.

        “Unfortunately, things have gotten out of hand with my ex-husband,” she said. “He's caused a lot of stress in our family's lives.”

        Ms. Rogers was arrested April 18 on a telephone harassment complaint filed by her former husband, Gary Rogers. Mr. Rogers accused her of repeatedly calling him after he asked her to stop.

        Judge Moore will hold a pretrial hearing on that charge today.

        Ms. Rogers and her former husband also are battling each other in at least two civil lawsuits, one involving a video store business they had operated together, and another involving their children's insurance policies.

        On another legal front, Ms. Rogers, a Republican, is fighting Butler County Prosecutor John Holcomb, a Democrat.

        He filed a complaint against her with the Ohio Ethics Commission, saying she improperly contacted a victim's advocate who was working on behalf of her boyfriend's ex-wife. He also accused her of improperly enlisting the help of her employees to clean her flooded basement in 1998.

        She has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against Mr. Holcomb, claiming he violated her rights by making false public statements about her.


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