Sunday, April 16, 2000

Woman whistling champ

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Emily Eagen, a 24-year-old opera student from Clifton, is a whale of a whistler, family members said Saturday.

        She won the first-place, grand championship for female whistlers at the International Whistlers Convention, in Louisburg, N.C., on Saturday.

        Ms. Eagen's puckering prowess also earned her a first place in the Allied Arts division, for whistling while accompanying herself on another instrument. She played guitar while whistling “Come in through the Rye.”

        Her version of “Queen of the Night” — accompanied by piano — won her second place in the Classical Division. She placed third in the Pop category by whistling “A Shogun Farewell.”

        This was Ms. Eagen's first time at the 27-year-old competition, which was held at Louisburg College.

        She won $300.

        Ms. Eagen has a master's degree in music from the University of Wisconsin and is taking courses at the University of Cincinnati. She is a graduate of Walnut Hills High School and McAlister College in Indianapolis.

        Her whistling is very melodic, said Michael Eagen, her father. He said she taught herself to whistle and whistles operas as a hobby.

        She is scheduled to whistle at the unveiling of the Tyler Davidson Fountain on Fountain Square on May 6.


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