Sunday, April 16, 2000

Safety day moves to Museum Center

Red Cross' messages reach thousands more

BY Dan Klepal
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        From bicycles to tornadoes, blood pressure to car seats, the message at the Cincinnati Museum Center on Saturday was all about safety.

        The local chapter of the American Red Cross put on its fourth annual Super Safety Saturday, and it was bigger than ever.

        Julie Foster, youth program coordinator for the Red Cross, said past events have been classroom presentations that attracted about 100 people.

        This year, officials from Cincinnati's fire and police divisions set up booths, and there were tornado safety programs, blood pressure screenings, CPR and first aid training, baby sitter safety classes and a “smoke house” to teach children and adults what to do in the event of a house fire.

        There was talk and brochures about the need for bicycle helmets and how to be safe around water.

        Ms. Foster said the average Museum Center attendance on Saturdays is 13,000; she estimated as many as 18,000 people may have passed through the safety exhibits yesterday.

        “This is really a great day to heighten safety awareness for both children and adults,” said Gary Miller, director of disaster services for the Red Cross. “Every single thing we deal with is meant to help people prepare for or prevent disasters.”

        Chelsea Facison got the message.

        Chelsea, a 5-year-old from Alabama who is visiting Cincinnati relatives with mom Kandi, rattled off a list of everything she learned. It ended about a minute later with: “And you've got to keep your (bicycle) helmet on so your brains don't get squished.”


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