Sunday, March 26, 2000

Today's Heart Mini-Marathon schedule

        • What: ChoiceCare/Humana Cincinnati Heart Mini-Marathon 23

        • Cost: $25

        • Registration: Starting at 7 a.m. today, Convention Center (third floor)

        • Results: Will be published on


        9 a.m.: 5K race leaves Fountain Square, out Columbia Parkway. Turn-around is between Bains and Kemper.

        10 a.m.: 15K Heart Mini-Marathon leaves Fountain Square. Columbia Parkway to Delta Avenue turn-around, finish at 5th and Walnut.

        Noon: 10K HeartWalk begins. Turn-around just before Torrence.

        12:15 p.m.: Kids' 2K Mini-MaraFun — timed race for ages 7-12 — begins.


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- Today's Heart Mini-Marathon schedule
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