Sunday, March 26, 2000


Reds' Collins trying hand at radio

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        SARASOTA, Fla. — A lot of coaches leave the game to get into broadcasting. Reds first base coach Dave Collins is jumping the gun. Collins is staying in coaching and getting into broadcasting.

        Collins has been a semi-regular on Andy Furman's shows on WLW-AM (700). That led to the gig Collins will start when the season begins. He'll take over Joe Nuxhall's Star of the Game Show on WLW.

        “(WLW) asked me to do it,” Collins said. “That came about from my work with Andy.”

        Collins cleared the show with Reds manager Jack McKeon and General Manager Jim Bowden.

        “I didn't want to get in a situation that made them uncomfortable,” he said. “They were OK with it. Jim's been really good about it.”

        Collins will talk to Reds and opposing players.

        “It will be a Star of the Game Show,” he said. “The star is usually on the winning team.”

        This is not unprecedented. Bob Brenly did the same thing his last few years as coach of the San Francisco Giants.

        Collins said Bowden and McKeon did not restrict any topics, either for the new show or for his appearances with Furman.

        “I'm going to be honest,” Collins said. “Some guys might think I'm trying to be controversial. I just want to be honest.”

        Collins is very tame by talk-radio standards. But it doesn't always take much of a rip job to anger a player. He said he hasn't gotten any complains so far.

        And if he does?

        “I'm not going to apologize for being honest,” he said. “But if I say something that really offends someone, I'll apologize to the player and on the air.”


        KUDOS TO FURMAN & SEG: WLW got nearly every Red on the roster on the air this week on its shows from here in Florida.

        Andy Furman and Bill “Seg“ Dennison worked the clubhouse to set them up. An hour with Ken Griffey Jr., followed by Deion Sanders is pretty strong.

        There were new restrictions put on the media's access to the clubhouse this week. Furman was widely blamed.

        “I'm always the scapegoat,” he said.

        WELSH'S RADIO DAYS: Chris Welsh, the Fox Sports Net analyst, got his taste of radio last week, filling in for Marty Brennaman who was off doing NCAA basketball for CBS radio.

        “I like it,” Welsh said. “It gives you a chance to be more creative. With TV, the only time you get a chance to be creative is on the pregame.”

        ON CBS: Are you sick of that CBS “Here come the scores” music yet? It's got me jumping like Pavlov's Dog. Kept looking at the bottom of screen Thursday to check the scores. All there was to see was whether Gonzaga was down by 10 or 12 to Purdue. You'd think they'd run it a little less often when only one game is going on.

        MORE ON CBS: Wouldn't CBS be better served to have Clark Kellogg calling games? You see the network's best basketball talent only in one- or two-minute segments.


        SOUND ADVICE, BAD PROMO: Tim Lewis of WBOB-AM (1160) offered some interesting advice to UC coach Bob Huggins.

        “Huggs really shouldn't listen to talk radio,” Lewis said on his show.

        BOOMER TO HBO? Could Boomer Esiason end up on the panel at HBO with old buddy Cris Collinsworth? Talk of that is going around.

        SLY FOX: Good move by Fox Sports Net to allow Channel 5 to show Opening Day. But don't look for the Reds to be over-the-air TV this year. FSN holds exclusive rights and would be foolish to give up a gold mine.

        Reds + 96 wins = good ratings.

        Reds + 96 wins + Griffey = monster ratings.


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