Sunday, February 20, 2000

Two N.Ky. wrestlers win state titles

Enquirer contributor

        FRANKFORT, Ky. — Scott junior wrestler Jason Daviaux wore a T-shirt featuring various ways his last name has been misspelled.

        Simon Kenton junior Chad Dalton's headgear paid tribute to a Pioneer teammate who died earlier this month.

        Daviaux and Dalton shared something special Saturday — state titles at Farnham Dudgeon Civic Center.

        Daviaux won the 112-pound title with a 7-5 victory over Simon Kenton freshman Brad Cooper, and Dalton defeated Lexington Paul Dunbar senior Chris Perry 6-4 for the 140-pound crown.

        “I'm living a dream,” Dalton said. “I can't believe it's true.”

        Four other Northern Kentuckians, Campbell County senior Josh Kenneweg, Ryle junior Jordan Blackmore, Scott senior Craig Collinsworth and Dixie Heights junior Dan Olberding, weren't as fortunate.

        Woodford County senior Ryan Lueggers defeated Kenneweg 7-6 at 125 pounds, and Louisville St. Xavier sophomore Isaac Knable beat Blackmore 10-6 at 130 pounds.

        Oldham County senior Aaron Riordan beat Collinsworth 5-4 in double overtime for the 215-pound crown, and Louisville St. Xavier senior heavyweight Will Rabatin pinned Olberding with 45 seconds left in the match.

        Daviaux's win continued a Scott streak of at least one state champion dating to 1996. To Daviaux, the victory wipes out the memory of last year's loss to Knable in the 112-pound finals.

        “I've killed myself thinking about this (tournament),” Daviaux said. “I haven't slept but a few hours.”

        Daviaux (44-4) wasted no time in getting his fifth win over Cooper this year. He took a 6-1 lead in the second period.

        Dalton (32-6) persevered through injury and tragedy. A month ago, Dalton broke his hip, and on Feb.4 former teammate Brian Baker died in a construction accident in Walton — which Dalton remembered with a black patch on his singlet and “BB” taped to his headgear.

        “This tournament's for him,” Dalton said of Baker. “He would have met me at the end of the mat with a hug.”

        Collinsworth (26-2) lost to Riordan for the third straight time dating to last year's regional meet, and the losses Sat urday and in the regional final last week were Collinsworth's only defeats this year.

        Saturday's was the closest contest. Collinsworth chose to start the second overtime on hands and knees, which meant he had to score only one point within 30 seconds.

        Three times Collinsworth appeared to break free, but referees said no.

        Kenneweg defeated Lueggers at the state duals meet four weeks ago, but he lost Saturday because a strategy backfired. He let Lueggers escape with what turned out to be the winning point with 20 seconds left in the match.

        “I kind of let him have (the point) because I thought I could take him down,” Kenneweg said.

        Blackmore led Knable 6-5 going to the third period, but Knable's escape, takedown and near pin clinched the win.

        “It was a scramble,” Blackmore said. “All of a sudden I looked up, and I was on my back.”

        Olberding said he was tired by the third period against Rabatin.

        “He worked hard for it, and he deserved it,” Olberding said.

        Region 3 champion Campbell County finished fourth with 105.5 points. Two-time state champion Woodford County won with 145.5, St. Xavier had 143 and Larue County had 117.

        Top 15 Final Team Standings: 1. Woodford County, 145.5; 2. St. Xavier, 143.0; 3. Larue County, 117.0; 4. Campbell County, 105.5; 5. Henry Clay, 92.0; 6. Union County, 87.0; 7. Trinity Louisville, 65.0; 8. Simon Kenton, 62.0; 9. Sheldon Clark, 61.0; 10. Scott, 59.0; 11. Hopkinsville, 47.0; 12. Wayne County, 43.5; 13. Central Hardin, 42.5; 14. Valley, 38.5; 15. Seneca, 38.0

        Championship Bracket Results

        103: Luke Metzker (Henry Clay) d. Nathan Thomas (Union County), 8-2; Tony Perry (Valley) d. Billy Clark (Sheldon Clark), 6-4; Luke Metzker (Henry Clay) d. Tony Perry (Valley), 16-10, for first place.

        112: Brad Cooper (Simon Kenton) d. Matthew Luckett (Woodford County), 8-4; Jason Daviaux (Scott) d. Nathan Moore (Henry Clay), 9-3; Jason Daviaux (Scott) d. Brad Cooper (Simon Kenton), 7-5, for first place.

        119: Tim Whitfill (Fern Creek) d. Eric Faulkner (Fairdale), 13-0; Anthony Smith (Christian County) d. Neal Crawford (Seneca), 13-5; Tim Whitfill (Fern Creek) d. Anthony Smith (Christian County), 1-0, for first place.

        125: Josh Kenneweg (Campbell County) d. Scott Cooper (Larue County), 9-6; Ryan Lueggers (Woodford County) pinned Chris Spurlock (Perry County Central), 5:03; Ryan Lueggers (Woodford County) d. Josh Kenneweg (Campbell County), 7-6, for first place.

        130: Jordan Blackmore (Ryle) pinned Kyle Davis (Central Hardin), 5:15; Isaac Knable (St. Xavier) d. Sean Ketron (Henry Clay), 11-5; Isaac Knable (St. Xavier) d. Jordan Blackmore (Ryle), 10-6, for first place.

        135: William Farrington (Wayne County) d. Zach Cline (Central Hardin), 8-4; Michael Jackson (Woodford County) d. Jeff White (Hopkinsville), 14-2; Michael Jackson (Woodford County) d. William Farrington (Wayne County), 6-4, for first place.

        140: Chad Dalton (Simon Kenton) d. Scotty Fryman (Campbell County), 8-3; Chris Perry (Paul Dunbar) d. Paul Miller (St. Xavier), 9-4; Chad Dalton (Simon Kenton) d. Chris Perry (Paul Dunbar), 6-4, for first place.

        145: John Gentry (Woodford County) d. Brian Morris (Seneca), 5-3; Todd Allen (Larue County) d. Derrick Mollett (Sheldon Clark), 9-2; John Gentry (Woodford County) d. Todd Allen (Larue County), 3-2, for first place.

        152: Billy Redmon (St. Xavier) d. Jeremiah Giron (Conner), 12-1; Ralph Lay (Woodford County) d. Ryan Luna (Paducah Tilghman), 3-2; Billy Redmon (St. Xavier) pinned Ralph Lay (Woodford County), 2:33, for first place.

        160: David Adams (Central Hardin) d. Russell Williamson (Woodford County), 16-1; Derek Trowbridge (Union County) pinned Jeremy Lovell (Ryle), 0:28; Derek Trowbridge (Union County) pinned David Adams (Central Hardin), 5:21, for first place.

        171: George King (Union County) pinned Pascal Johnson (Fort Campbell), 1:59; Keith Allen (Johnson Central) d. Griffith Meredith (Larue County), 8-5; George King (Union County) pinned Keith Allen (Johnson Central), 0:49, for first place.

        189: Luke Pniewski (Hopkinsville) d. John Wilkinson (Henry Clay), 11-5; Bo Hoffman (Trinity Lou.) pinned Jason Shoemaker (Larue County), 0:57; Bo Hoffman (Trinity Lou.) d. Luke Pniewski (Hopkinsville), 9-6, for first place.

        215: Aaron Riordan (Oldham County) d. John Dials (Sheldon Clark), 5-4; Craig Collinsworth (Scott) d. Calvin Napier (Perry County Central), 9-7; Aaron Riordan (Oldham County) d. Craig Collinsworth (Scott), 4-4 won by position, for first place.

        275: Dan Olberding (Dixie Heights) pinned Derrick Collins (Harrison County), 3:25; Will Rabatin (St. Xavier) d. Mike Ramsey (Campbell County), 5-2; Will Rabatin (St. Xavier) pinned Dan Olberding (Dixie Heights), 5:15, for first place.

        Consolation Bracket Results

        103: Nick Chaffin (Prestonsburg) d. Gordon Bierschank (Fort Campbell), 6-2; Doug Upchurch (Wayne County) pinned Chris Glass (St. Xavier), 1:19; Nathan Thomas (Union County) d. Nick Chaffin (Prestonsburg), 6-4; Billy Clark (Sheldon Clark) d. Doug Upchurch (Wayne County), 9-3; Billy Clark (Sheldon Clark) d. Nathan Thomas (Union County), 6-1, for third place; Doug Upchurch (Wayne County) d. Nick Chaffin (Prestonsburg), 11-6, for fifth place.

        112: Scotty Thompson (Larue County) pinned Jeremy Witten (North Hardin), 3:50; Mark Shaver (South Oldham) d. Briant Neal (Conner), 8-6; Scotty Thompson (Larue County) pinned Matthew Luckett (Woodford County), 3:42; Mark Shaver (South Oldham) d. Nathan Moore (Henry Clay), 10-7; Mark Shaver (South Oldham) d. Scotty Thompson (Larue County), 12-9, for third place; Nathan Moore (Henry Clay) d. Matthew Luckett (Woodford County), 10-4, for fifth place.

        119: Jake Buchenberger (Trinity Lou.) d. Adam Berrones (Simon Kenton), 10-8; Darrin Smith (North Hardin) d. Chris Shaw (Larue County), 5-3; Jake Buchenberger (Trinity Lou.) d. Eric Faulkner (Fairdale), 10-3; Neal Crawford (Seneca) d. Darrin Smith (North Hardin), 11-2; Neal Crawford (Seneca) pinned Jake Buchenberger (Trinity Lou.), 5:43, for third place; Eric Faulkner (Fairdale) d. Darrin Smith (North Hardin), 14-5, for fifth place.

        125: Justin Druckenmiller (Trinity Lou.) d. Derek Tems (St. Xavier), 2-1; Chris Willoughby (Tates Creek) d. Brian Jurich (Ballard), 4-1; Scott Cooper (Larue County) d. Justin Druckenmiller (Trinity Lou.), 11-6; Chris Spurlock (Perry County Central) d. Chris Willoughby (Tates Creek), 6-4; Scott Cooper (Larue County) pinned Chris Spurlock (Perry County Central), 3:56, for third place; Chris Willoughby (Tates Creek) d. Jake Druckenmiller (Trinity Lou.), 3-0, for fifth place.

        130: Chris Guillaume (Woodford County) d. Clifford Clark (Sheldon Clark), 6-2; Josh Boggs (Campbell County) d. Cory Howerton (Trinity Lou.), 9-5; Chris Guillame (Woodford County) d. Kyle Davis (Central Hardin), 5-1; Sean Ketron (Henry Clay) d. Josh Boggs (Campbell County), 13-2; Sean Ketron (Henry Clay) d. Chris Guillaume (Woodford County), 11-3, for third place; Kyle Davis (Central Hardin) d. Josh Boggs (Campbell County), 9-2, for fifth place.

        135: Brandon Culver (South Oldham) d. Walter Howard (Doss), 13-3; Rick Dawn (Campbell County) d. Brandon Banks (Larue County), 2-0; Zach Cline (Central Hardin) d. Brandon Culver (South Oldham), 3-1; Jeff White (Hopkinsville) d. Rick Dawn (Campbell County), 9-8; Jeff White (Hopkinsville) d. Zach Cline (Central Hardin), default, for third place; Rick Dawn (Campbell County) d. Brandon Culver (South Oldham), 6-2, for fifth place.

        140: Donald O'Neal (North Hardin) d. Melvin Jenkins (Caldwell County), 2-1; Andy Critchfield (Henry Clay) d. Virgil Parriman (McCreary Central), 6-5; Donald O'Neal (North Hardin) d. Scotty Fryman (Campbell County), 8-5; Andy Critchfield (Henry Clay) d. Paul Miller (St. Xavier), 5-1; Andy Critchfield (Henry Clay) d. Donald O'Neal (North Hardin), 9-4, for third place; Scotty Fryman (Campbell County) d. Paul Miller (St. Xavier), 11-1, for fifth place.

        145: Tyler Hardy (Campbell County) d. Brad Bisig (St. Xavier), 2-1; Mike Bell (Scott) d. Justin Barnes (Fort Knox), 9-2; Tyler Hardy (Campbell County) d. Brian Morris (Seneca), 3-1; Derrick Mollett (Sheldon Clark) d. Mike Bell (Scott), 10-9; Derrick Mollett (Sheldon Clark) d. Tyler Hardy (Campbellsville), 6-3, for third place; Mike Bell (Scott) d. Brian Morris (Seneca), 2-1, for fifth place.

        152: Nathan Schmidt (Campbell County) pinned James Allen (North Hardin), 2:52; Kevin Rodriguez (Wayne County) d. Craig Cooper (Simon Kenton), 10-7; Jeremiah Giron (Conner) d. Nathan Schmidt (Campbell County), 4-2; Ryan Luna (Paducah Tilghman) d. Kevin Rodriguez (Wayne County), 7-6; Jeremiah Giron (Conner) d. Ryan Luna (Paducah Tilghman), forfeit, for third place; Nathan Schmidt (Campbell County) d. Kevin Rodriguez (Wayne County), 11-0, for fifth place.

        160: Mike Murray (Waggener) d. Ben Vessels (Seneca), 8-6; Matt Evans (St. Xavier) pinned Adam Beam (DeSales), 2:24; Russell Williamson (Woodford County) d. Mike Murray (Waggener), 9-5; Matt Evans (St. Xavier) d. Jeremy Lovell (Ryle), 10-0; Matt Evans (St. Xavier) d. Russell Williamson (Woodford County), 17-7, for third place; Jeremy Lovell (Ryle) d. Mike Murray (Waggener), 7-5, for fifth place.

        171: Jeff McDonald (Valley) pinned Mark Nelson (Campbell County), 3:37; Brad Fairfax (St. Xavier) d. Adam Malone (Paul Dunbar), 8-4; Jeff McDonald (Valley) d. Pascal Johnson (Fort Campbell), 12-4; Griffith Meredith (Larue County) d. Brad Fairfax (St. Xavier), 7-5; Griffith Meredith (Larue County) d. Jeff McDonald (Valley), 6-4, for third place; Brad Fairfax (St. Xavier) d. Pascal Johnson (Fort Campbell), 10-2, for fifth place.

        189: Eric Pike (Union County) d. Eric Slugantz (Woodford County), 3-2; Will Hurley (Kentucky Country Day) d. Josh Muncey (Sheldon Clark), 21-9; John Wilkinson (Henry Clay) d. Eric Pike (Union County), 8-6; Will Hurley (Kentucky Country Day) d. Jason Shoemaker (Larue County), 14-6; John Wilkinson (Henry Clay) pinned Will Hurley (Kentucky Country Day), 1:17, for third place; Eric Pike (Union County) d. Jason Shoemaker (Larue County), 10-5, for fifth place.

        215: Brad Walters (Larue County) d. Tom Murr (Conner), 12-10; Jarvis Livingston (Woodford County) d. Patrick Steelman (Union County), 7-3; John Dials (Sheldon Clark) pinned Brad Walters (Larue County), 3:45; Calvin Napier (Perry County Central) d. Jarvis Livingston (Woodford County), 7-0; Calvin Napier (Perry County Central) d. John Dials (Sheldon Clark), 4-2, for third place; Brad Walters (Larue County) pinned Jarvis Livingston (Woodford County), 4:23, for fifth place.

        275: Mitch Dickerson (Larue County) pinned Justin Medlin (Western), 3:44; Trevor Boyd (Caldwell County) d. Chad Murley (Seneca), 4-3; Derrick Collins (Harrison County) d. Mitch Dickerson (Larue County), 6-1; Mike Ramsey (Campbell County) d. Trevor Boyd (Caldwell County), 2-1; Mike Ramsey (Campbell County) d. Derrick Collins (Harrison County), 8-1, for third place; Mitch Dickerson (Larue County) pinned Trevor Boyd (Caldwell County), 5:38, for fifth place.


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