Sunday, February 20, 2000

Scott swimmer takes 3 state titles

Enquirer contributor

        LEXINGTON, Ky. — Scott senior Andy Seitz and Beechwood senior Tim Wera have been atop the state swimming meet's victory platform before, but Saturday was a new experience for Notre Dame senior Lauren Musk.

        Seitz capped his high school career with individual wins in the 200- and 100-yard freestyle; the school's first relay win in the 200 freestyle with senior Jon Vadney, junior Brian Alden and freshman Jason Vadney, and the meet's outstanding swimmer award.

        “I thought (Henderson County senior Jordie Proffitt) would win,” Seitz said. “I had some good swims in the relays and individual (events). I guess the coaches saw that.”

        Wera took his second straight boys 500 freestyle title, and Musk's win in the girls 500 freestyle was the first by a Panda since Emily Bresser won the 100 backstroke in 1997.

        “I think it's great our region is so tough (that) we can represent down here,” Wera said.

        Musk is still adjusting to life at the top.

        “I don't know what I did differently (this year),” Musk said.

        What Seitz did Saturday completed an outstanding three-year career: The wins gave him five individual gold medals for his career; he defended his 200 freestyle championship; and his 100 freestyle victory completed his conversion from distance to middle-distance swimming.

        Seitz had a higher purpose: the memory of his father, Tom, who died of cancer in 1998.

        “He'd probably give me a big hug,” Andy said. “I did it for him.”

        Seitz led from the opening leap in both his races, and he edged Wera by less than a second in the 200. In the 200 freestyle relay, he swam the anchor leg and made up a half-second deficit against Covington Catholic's Matt Bertke by swimming a 20.75.

        “It made me a little more pumped and a little more inspired,” Seitz said. “I had been working on my sprints.”

        Wera finished his high school career with three state titles. He defended his 1999 500 freestyle title and won the 200 freestyle in 1998.

        “I can't be upset with it,” Wera said of his career. “Not everybody can have three state titles.”

        Wera was not as pleased with Saturday's 500 freestyle. His time of 4:33.50 was more than four seconds slower than the 4:29 he thought he could swim.

        “I didn't go out fast enough,” Wera said.

        In her 500, Musk took the lead for good with 200 yards to go, and her 5:18.93 was more than 12 seconds faster than regionals two weeks ago.

        “That was by far her best swim,” Notre Dame coach Karen Bresser said.

        Seitz, Wera and Musk won all-state first-team honors. Dixie Heights' Mark Shattuck and Michael Day, Scott's Zach Niehaus and CovCath's Brett Hoersting made the second team.

        Louisville St.Xavier won its 12th consecutive boys team title. CovCath finished second for the second straight year, but coach Steve Durkee said this year was more satisfying.

        “We had to have all our people do their best swims,” Durkee said. “The difference is, we had the depth this year. It's very hard to win (second) in this state without winning an event.” Scott was fourth, Dixie Heights was eighth, and Highlands was 13th. Scott coach Jerry Mohr was named outstanding coach, but he wanted Seitz and Jon Vadney to have the credit.

        “We don't have a lot of kids, but we've got kids who work hard,” Mohr said.

        Sacred Heart won its sixth straight girls team title. Regional champion Notre Dame was fifth, and Beechwood took eighth.

        Final Girls' Team Standings — (Top 10): 1. Sacred Heart 355; 2. Paul Dunbar 223.50; 3. DuPont Manual 213; 4. Ballard 175.0; 5. Notre Dame 171.50; 6. Lexington Catholic 159.0; 7. Model 110; 8. Beechwood 95; 9. Owensboro 77.50; 10. Woodford Co. 74.

        Final Boys' Team Standings — (Top 10): 1. St. Xavier 389; 2. Covington Catholic 219; 3. Lexington Catholic 197; 4. Scott 188; 5. Shelby Co. 171.50; 6. Lexington Christian 139; 7. Ballard 115; 8. Dixie Heights 113; 9. Model 104; 10. Tates Creek 87.50.

        Final Combined Team Standings — (Top 10 — Sponsored by Coches Association): 1. Lexington Catholic 356; 2. Ballard 290; 3. Paul Dunbar 283.50; 4. DuPont Manual 239; 5. Scott 230; 6. Shelby Co. 214.50; 7. Model 214; 8. Lexington Christian 142; 9. Beechwood 140; 10. Dixie Heights.

        Girls' Outstanding Competitor — Stephanie Tucker, Sacred Heart

        Boys' Outstanding Competitor — Andy Seitz, Scott

        Girls' Outstanding Coach — Tim Cahill, Model Boys' Outstanding Coach — Jerry Mohr, Scott

        Women 200 R-Medley: 1. SHA 1:50.53; 2. DM 1:50.88; 3. PLD 1:52.03; 4. LC 1:53.47; 5. NDA 1:56.19; 6. BAL 1:57.01; 7. BEE 1:57.08; 8. SHC 1:57.24.

        Men 200 R-Medley: 1. STX 1:36.49; 2. SCT 1:38.39; 3. LC 1:38.54; 4. LCA 1:39.18; 5. SHC 1:41.75; 6. BAL 1:41.91; 7. CC 1:44.41; 8. TC 1:44.54.

        Women 200 Free: 1.Marci Vrooman, SHA 1:52.43; 2.Amy Miranda, SHA 1:54.55; 3.Barbie Viney, SC 1:54.68; 4.Lisa Petry, ET 1:57.10; 5.Ann Isaacs, SCT 1:59.09; 6. Lisa Van Coppenolle, NH 1:59.81; 7.Kristin Hopkins, MOD 2:00.05; 8. Rebecca McGaughey, WJ 2:00.45.

        Men 200 Free: 1.Andy Seitz, SCT 1:40.00; 2.Tim Wera, BEE 1:40.69; 3.Perry Lee Greer, LC 1:44.73; 4.Evan Morris, LCA 1:44.98; 5.Chad Waits, SHC 1:45.02; 6.Matt Bertke, CC 1:45.64; 7.Kevin Kleman, CC 1:46.30; 8.Brandon Carter, STX 1:48.59; 9. Dave Moisan, MAL 1:46.95.

        Women 200 IM: 1.Stephanie Tucker, SHA 2:06.26; 2.Jennifer Hettich, DM 2:08.06; 3. Meredith Mountjoy, BAL 2:09.70; 4.Rachel Buncher, LC 2:09.94; 5. Kirsten Kramer, WC 2:12.18; 6.Wesley Swafford, BEE 2:12.87; 7.Stephanie Fahs, LC 2:13.56; 8.Ali Distler, SHA 2:15.46; 9.Bo Stith, PLD 2:14.44.

        Men 200 IM: 1.Jordie Proffitt, HEN 1:51.06; 2.Colin Underhill, STX 1:55.06; 3.Eric Pounds, LCA 1:56.13; 4.Jack Pennuto, BAL 1:56.20; 5.Matt Young, STX 1:56.77; 6. Tyler Dingus, LC 2:00.48; 7.Jason Hettich, STX 2:00.70; 8.David Van Epps, HGH 2:01.32; 9.Avery Schroyer, LC 2:00.36.

        Women 50 Free: 1.Elizabeth Foster, FC 24.38; 2.Stephanie Wyatt, PLD 24.84; 3.Ashley Johnson, SHA 24.98; 4.Kirsten Allen, PLD 25.01; 5.Kendahl Collins, SHA 25.10; 6. Liz Scarborough, BAL 25.44; 7.Nicole Culbertson, NDA 25.55; 8. Patricia Freidel, RYL 25.87; 9.Kim Rapp, BAL 25.93.

        Men 50 Free: 1.Brian Gettelfinger, STX 21.09; 2.Will Ratliff, MTG 21.37; 3.Adam Cahill, MOD 21.38; 4.Brett Hoersting, CC 21.99; 5.Kyle Shapero, BAL 22.04; 6.Jon Vadney, SCT 22.35; 7.Drew Aldridge, SHC 22.61; 8.Evan Bowles, MOD 22.64.

        Women 1 M Diving: 1.Ashley Carter, SHA 430.00; 2.Allyson Mader, ASM 418.55; 3.Taryn Ignacio, MOD 411.10; 4.Robyn Karlage, HOL 359.40; 5.Kayla Hanser, NDA 344.45; 6. Jillian Becker, BG 344.40; 7.Lyndsey Longshore, SCT 342.95; 8.Allison Pryse, HGH 320.95.

        Men 1 M Diving: 1.Kevin Teague, PLD 479.90; 2.Mark Shattuck, DIX 475.45; 3.Zach Niehaus, SCT 437.05; 4.Tom Crahan, STX 406.45; 5.Mike Barker, CC 373.15; 6.Ryan Kellerman, STH 362.10; 7.Tim Heine, STX 333.70; 8.Jacob Isaac, TRN 318.40.

        Women 100 Fly: 1.Stephanie Tucker, SHA 57.68; 2.Amy Beth Allen, PLD 58.96; 3.Lauren Keibler, SHA 59.01; 4.Stephanie Wyatt, PLD 59.25; 4.Isabel Miesner, DM 59.25; 6. Mallory Neltner, HGH 1:00.18; 7.BJ Matlock, STM 1:01.09; 8.Kristy Owen, LC 1:01.25.

        Men 100 Fly: 1.Jordie Proffitt, HEN 49.72; 2.Eric Pounds, LCA 50.87; 3.Chad Waits, SHC 51.40; 4.Michael Day, DIX 51.68; 5.Jack Pennuto, BAL 52.29; 6.Colin Underhill, STX 52.76; 7.Avery Schroyer, LC 53.56; 8.Matthew Martelli, HC 54.03.

        Women 100 Free: 1.Marci Vrooman, SHA 52.63; 2.Barbie Viney, SC 52.99; 3.Elizabeth Foster, FC 53.12; 4.Lisa Petry, ET 53.14; 5.Emile Ewing, MNH 53.39; 6.Ashley Johnson, SHA 53.90; 7.Liz Scarborough, BAL 54.62; 8.Kirsten Allen, PLD 55.35.

        Men 100 Free: 1.Andy Seitz, SCT 45.80; 2.Brian Gettelfinger, STX 46.49; 3.Adam Cahill, MOD 46.79; 4.Brett Hoersting, CC 47.62; 5.Kyle Shapero, BAL 47.98; 6. Russell Macdonald, BE 48.19; 7.Evan Morris, LCA 48.54; 8.Evan Bowles, MOD 49.60.

        Women 500 Free: 1.Lauren Musk, NDA 5:06.74; 2.Meredith Mountjoy, BAL 5:08.12; 3. Rachel Buncher, LC 5:15.71; 4.Georgene Hilb, DM 5:17.24; 5.Emily Garrison, DM 5:17.67; 6.Megan Duffy, LC 5:18.16; 7.Lisa Van Coppenolle, NH 5:20.90; 8. Rebecca McGaughey, WJ 5:27.23.

        Men 500 Free: 1.Tim Wera, BEE 4:33.50; 2.Chris Tingley, STX 4:37.26; 3.Nathan Knopf, SHC 4:37.72; 4.Matt Bertke, CC 4:42.32; 5.Kevin Kleman, CC 4:43.19; 6. Perry Lee Greer, LC 4:47.20; 7.Phil Rugare, CC 4:49.89; 8.Jeremy Whelchel, DM 4:55.26.

        Women 200 R-Free: 1. SHA 1:41.44; 2. NDA 1:44.60; 3. OWB 1:45.64; 4. BAL 1:45.68; 5. MOD 1:45.75; 6. DM 1:45.94; 7. WC 1:46.34; 8. MNH 1:50.54.

        Men 200 R-Free: 1. SCT 1:28.71; 2. CC 1:29.30; 3. STX 1:29.76; 4. SHC 1:31.88; 5. LC 1:32.25; 6. MOD 1:32.81; 7. HOP 1:33.18; 8. DIX 1:35.12.

        Women 100 Back: 1.Kirsten Kramer, WC 59.50; 2.Emile Ewing, MNH 59.76; 3.Mallory Neltner, HGH 1:00.08; 4.Emily Maier, NDA 1:00.66; 5.Emily Garrison, DM 1:01.09; 6. Brittney Hocker, OWB 1:01.11; 7.Amy Beth Allen, PLD 1:01.41; 8.Bj Matlock, STM 1:01.93.

        Men 100 Back: 1.Chris Tingley, STX 52.63; 2.Michael Day, DIX 53.36; 3.Ned Booker, STX 54.53; 4.Tyler Dingus, LC 54.66; 5.Chris Seitz, SCT 55.28; 6.Kyle Bright, DIX 55.40; 7.Jason Hettich, STX 55.42; 8.Josh Searcy, SHC 56.50.

        Women 100 Breast: 1.Elizabeth Tinnon, BG 1:05.97; 2.Jennifer Hettich, DM 1:06.55; 3. Stephanie Fahs, LC 1:07.06; 4.Isabel Miesner, DM 1:08.08; 5.Kristin Hopkins, MOD 1:08.51; 6.Lauren Keibler, SHA 1:09.06; 7.Kerr Carter, SAY 1:09.08; 8. Bo Stith, PLD 1:10.63.

        Men 100 Breast: 1.Will Ratliff, MTG 57.19; 2.Russell Macdonald, BE 58.14; 3.Aaron Raitiere, BOY 1:00.02; 4.Eric Carlson, DAV 1:00.63; 5.Marc Ricker, LC 1:00.79; 6. Chris Tarter, CBV 1:00.81; 7.Jon Vadney, SCT 1:01.16; 8.Dave Moisan, MAL 1:01.18.

        Women 400 R-Free: 1. SHA 3:35.27; 2. PLD 3:39.46; 3. DM 3:43.02; 4. BAL 3:44.96; 5. BEE 3:46.53; 6. LC 3:47.86; 7. NDA 3:49.18; 8. MOD 3:51.29.

        Men 400 R-Free: 1. STX 3:11.91; 2. CC 3:15.54; 3. LC 3:16.80; 4. LCA 3:18.39; 5. TC 3:23.94; 6. SHC 3:25.51; 7. MOD 3:26.43; 8. DIX 3:28.11.

        KEY: ACS-Allen Co.-Scottsville; ADR-Adair Co.; ALS All Saints; AND-Anderson Co.; APO-Apollo; ASM-Assumption; ATH-Atherton; BAL-Ballard; BAR-Barren Co.; BBV-Barbourville; BC-Boyd Co.; BEE-Beechwood; BEL-Bellevue; BER-Berea; BETH-Bethlehem; BG-Bowling Green; BIS-Bishop Brossart; BOO-Boone Co.; BOU-Bourbon Co.; BOY-Boyle Co.; BRN-Brown; BS-Bryan Station; BLE-Bullitt East; BUT-Butler; CAL-Christian Academy-Louisville; CALD-Caldwell Co.; CAM-Campbell Co.; CBV-Campbellsville; CC-Covington Catholic; CEN- Central; CH-Central Hardin; CL-Covington Latin; CON-Conner; CRIT-Crittenden Co. DAN-Danville; DAV-Daviess Co.; DES-DeSales; DIX-Dixie Heights; DM-DuPont Manual; DOSS-Doss; EJ-East Jessamine; EAS-Eastern; ET-Elizabethtown; EV-Evangel; FC-Franklin Co.; FCR-Fern Creek; FRT-Frankfort; FS-Franklin-Simpson; FTC-Fort Campbell; FTK-Fort Knox; FV-Fairview; GAR-Garrard Co.; GLAS-Glasgow; GRA-Graves Co.; GRE-Green Co.; GRC-George Rogers Clark; GW-Greenwood; HAR-Harrison Co.; HC-Henry Clay; HCC-Hopkins Co. Central; HCCO-Holy Cross (Covington): HEA-Heath; HEN-Henderson Co.; HGH-Highlands; HB-Highview Baptist; HIC-Hickman Co.; HL-Holy Cross (Louisville); HOL (Holmes); HOP (Hopkinsville); HR-Holy Rosary; JBS-June Buchanan JCN-Johnson Central; KCC-Knott Co. Central; KCD-Kentucky Country Day; KSB-Ky. School f/t Blind; KSD-Ky. School f/t Deaf; KXC-Knox Central; LAF-Lafayette; LC-Lexington Catholic; LCA-Lexington Christian; LCOL-Louisville Collegiate; LET-Letcher; LG- Logan Co.; LIV-Livingston Central; LLD-Lloyd Memorial; LO-Lone Oak; MAL-Male; MAR-Marion Co.; MAY-Mayfield; MC-Marshall Co.; MCA-Mercy; MDC-Madison Central; MDS-Madison Southern; MEA-Meade Co.; MER-Mercer Co.; MNH-Madisonville-North-Hopkins; MOD-Model; MON-Monticello; MS-Muhlenberg South; MTG-Montgomery Co.; MUR-Murray; MCC-Newport Central Catholic; NDA-Notre Dame; NEW-Newport; NH-North Hardin; OB-Oneida Baptist; OC-Owensboro Catholic; OHI-Ohio Co.; OLD-Oldham Co.; OWB-Owensboro; PT-Paducah Tilghman; PAR-Paris; PB-Paul Blazer; PLD-Paul Dunbar; PRP-Pleasure Ridge Park; PRS-Presentation; PS-Piarist; REI-Reidland; RH-Rose Hill; RSV-Russellville; RUS-Russell; RYL-Ryle; SAY-Sayre; SC-Scott Co.; SCT-Scott; SEN-Seneca; SHA-Sacred Heart; SHAW-Shawnee; SHC-Shelby Co.; SK-Simon Kenton; SOLD-South Oldham; STF-St. Francis; STH-St. Henry; STM-St. Mary; STX-St. Xavier; TAY-Taylor Co.; TC-Tates Creek; TRN-Trinity (Louis.); UHA-University Heights; VMA-Villa Madonna; WAG-Waggener; WACT-Warren Central; WAET-Warren East; WJ-West Jessamine; WH-Western Hills; WL-Williamsburg; WC-Woodford Co.


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