Sunday, February 20, 2000


Moeller cruises to sectional title

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Top-seeded Moeller set school records for district qualifiers and sectional champions while winning its fourth consecutive Division I sectional wrestling championship at St. Xavier Saturday night.

        The Crusaders won the titles of seven weight classes, 140 pounds through 215, and finished second in three others.

        “It's always tough,” Moeller coach Jeff Gaier said. “We have high expectations. Overall, we're pleased.”

        Saturday's highlights:

        • 103 — Anderson junior Scott Loebker (25-2) won his first title 9-5 over fourth-seeded Jim Schultz, an Elder freshman who upset No.1 seed David Candy of Moeller in the semifinals. • 112 — Elder senior Pete Suer (22-3) recorded his third pin in three matches by downing unseeded freshman Joel Cottone of Moeller with 1:13 left in the third period. The sectional title is Suer's first.

        • 119 — Top-seeded Stephen Wolery (28-4) scored a point with 12 seconds left to force overtime, then defeated No.2 seed Danny Hill of Moeller 5-3.

        “I've been there with Danny before,” said Wolery, who won his first sectional title. “Last year, sectional finals, same weight class.”

        • 125 — St.Xavier senior Scott Smith improved to 35-0 with his third sectional championship.

        • 130 — Lakota West sophomore Matt McIntire (34-0) was tested by third-seeded Nick Spatola of Elder before pulling away in the third period for a 5-3 win.

        “I told myself going in to just keep banging on his head and moving,” said McIntire, who won his second sectional championship.

        • 135 — Winton Woods junior Ian Ruth (28-2) won his first sectional title by knocking off second-seeded Mike Baria of Moeller 5-2.

        • 140 — Junior Joe Zinkan (25-0) won his second championship with a 7-4 payback victory over Lakota West senior Chris McIntire.

        • 145 — Crusaders senior Bobby Lyons (31-1) cruised to his third sectional championship with a 17-6 major decision over Elder's Eric Kathmann.

        • 152 — Moeller junior David Blanks (27-3) overcame a lengthy delay caused by a malfunctioning clock to outlast St.Xavier senior Scott Simon 5-4.

        • 160 — Crusaders junior Jeff Ostholthoff (22-12) pinned Winton Woods senior Joe Spears in 25 seconds.

        “He shot from pretty far out, and I was able to ankle-pick him,” said Ostholthoff, a first-time champion.

        • 171 — Junior Nick Lukens (27-5) made it five in a row for Moeller with a 14-6 major decision over Elder senior Joe Walter. The title is his first.

        • 189 — Third-seeded LaSalle junior Alex Long forced Moeller senior Kelly Cronin to overtime before falling 3-1. Cronin won his first sectional title. • 215 — Senior Brad Findley (29-4) capped Moeller's run when unseeded Anderson sophomore Mike Cutting chose to default and rest for next week.

        • 275 — Second-seeded Elder senior Justin Byrd (15-6) recorded the night's other upset by beating top-seeded LaSalle junior Chris Noth 5-2.

        “I knew I could wrestle with him, but I knew I had to wrestle smart and not do anything stu pid,” Byrd said.

        Team Standings: 1. Moeller 274, 2. Elder 2191/2, 3. Lakota West 2031/2, 4. St. Xavier 183, 5. Anderson 138, 6. LaSalle 105, 7. Milford 69, 8. Winton Woods 62, 9. Amelia 44, 10. Mount Healthy 32.

        Championship Round: 103—Loebker (Anderson) d. Schultz (Elder) 9-5; 112—Suer (Elder) p. Cottone (Moeller) 2:47; 119—Wolery (LakWest) d. Hill (Moeller) 5-3; 125—Smith (St.X) md. Flake (LakWest) 17-4; 130—M. McIntire (LakWest) d. Spatola (Elder) 5-3; 135—Ruth (WintWds) d. Baria (Moeller) 5-2; 140—J. Zinkan (Moeller) d. C. McIntire (LakWest) 7-4; 145—Lyons (Moeller) md. Kathman (Elder) 17-6; 152—Blanks (Moeller) d. Simon (St.X) 5-4; 160—Ostholthoff (Moeller) p. Spears (WintWds) 0:25; 171—Lukens (Moeller) md. Walter (Elder) 14-6; 189—Cronin (Moeller) d. Long (LaSalle) 3-1 (ot); 215—Findley (Moeller) inj. default Cutting (Anderson); HWT—Byrd (Elder) d. Noth (LaSalle) 5-2.

        Third Place: 103—Osterbrock (St.X) d. Candy (Moeller) 5-3; 112—Flick (LaSalle) d. Goodman (LakWest) 5-3; 119—Carraher (St.X) d.Boeing (Elder) 9-5; 125—Steever (Anderson) d. Crowe (Milford) 11-5; 130—B. Zinkan (Moeller) md. Hautman (LaSalle) 18-8; 135—O'Brien (LakWest) md. Klein (St.X) 8-0; 140— Mundy (Elder) p. Jablonski (St.X) 3:54; 145—Beyerlein (LakWest) d. Roseman (Mt.Healthy) 6-2; 152—Reid (Elder) d. Fuhrmann (LakWest) 7-1; 160—May (Elder) d. Campbell (LakWest) 8-4; 171—Cionni (St.Xavier) md. Chaffin (Anderson) 15-3; 189—McKiernan (Anderson) md. Lehn (Amelia) 15-2; 215—Rosing (St.X) d. Naltner (Elder) 3-2; HWT—Ruehl (LakWest) p. Dawes (St.X) 3:46. DIVISION I FAIRFIELD

        Fairfield, ranked No.2 in the Enquirer's Division I coaches poll, had five individual champs.

        Team Standings: 1. Fairfield 266, 2. Harrison 2111/2, 3. Princeton 1391/2, 4. Oak Hills 132.1/2, 5. Glen Este 1241/2, 6. Sycamore 105, 7. Lakota East 95, 8. Hamilton 92, 9. Colerain 841/2, 10. Mason 721/2, 11. Northwest 63, 12. Talawanda 25.

        Championship Round

        103—Ocasio (Fair) md. Mathis (Prin) 15-4; 112—Luther (Glen) d. Straus (Syc) 9-5; 119—Patterson (Syc) d. Gray (Har) 13-9; 125—Kist (Ham) d. Wisor (Fair) 7-1; 130—Salyers (Fair) d. Lodge (Nort) 10-4; 135—Lampe (Glen) d. Zamora (Prin) 7-2; 140—Bower (Fair) d. Mcguffey (Har) 4-3; 145—Wahoff (Fair) p. Holt (Oak) 1:38; 152—Ruberg (Har) dd. Willis (Lake) 6-4; 160—Padgett (Fair) d. Simons (Mas) 8-3; 171—Doerflein (Har) d. Pliev (Prin) 5-3; 189—Jones (Lake) d. Farrell (Oak) 10-4; 215—Epps (Glen) d. Schultz (Har) 7-4; Hwt—Hyams (Syc) d. Kennedy (Nort) 8-6.

        Third Place

        103—Dearwester (Har) d. Bastin (Col) 5-3; 112—Leugers (Fair) p. Schmitauer (LakE) 3:53; 119—Sedam (Glen) p. Spencely (Fair) 2:22; 125— Gillan (Har) d. Breiner (Mas) 8-6; 130—Jasper (Col) d. Howe (Mas) 7-6; 135—Williams (Oak) p. Greer (Nort) 2:57; 140—Harris (Prin) d. Clark (Glen) 6-2; 145—Maxey (Prin) d. Moore (Har) 5-4; 152—Pace (Oak) d. Neely (Prin) 2-1; 160—Heard (Prin) d. Adams (Har) 15-9; 171—Elsen (Fair) d. Luken (Syc) 3-2; 189—Shelton (Har) d. Doxsey (Fair) 6-2; 215—Small (Syc) d. Rowland (Fair) 3-1; Hwt—Ramsey (Fair) p. Taylor (Tal) :34.


        Purcell Marian edged Loveland by picking up 16 points in the 171, 189, and 215 weight classes.

        Purcell Marian and Loveland each qualified 10 wrestlers to the district meet next weekend.

        Team Standings: 1. Purcell Marian 205, 2. Loveland 189, 3. Ross 141.5, 4. Taylor 136, 5. Lemon-Monroe 113, 6. Norwood 110.5, 7. Little Miami 91, 8. McNicholas 88.5, 9. Bethel-Tate 58.5, 10. Goshen 49.

        Championship Round

        103—Meinking (Pur) d. Durham (Lov) 10-4; 112—Kanta (Ros) d. Lamplot (Lov) 6-4; 119—Gill (Lov) d. Binford (Pur) 8-6; 125—Williams (Tay) md. Messer (Norw) 14-5; 130—Hensley (Mon) md. Davis (Lov) 15-2; 135—Correll (Tay) by default; 140—Ray (Ros) tf. Weimer (Lov) 17-2; 145—Phillips (Bethel) d. Lavery (Gos) 15-8; 152—Dixon (Pur) d. King (Lov) 15-9; 160—Reamer (Tay) tf. Hitt (Ros) 17-2; 171—Copelin (Pur) d. Brooksbank (Tay) 11-7; 189—Jimmar (Pur) p. Engel (Lov) 1:54; 215—Lackmeyer (Pur) p. Marx (Bethel) 3:59; Hwt—Ryan (Mon) md. Spears (Pur) 16-5.

        Third Place

        103—Lee (Ros) md. Steadman (Nor) 14-6; 112—Jett (Lit) p. Owens (Mon) 2:01; 119—Nickell (Mon) p. Tincher (Nor) :55; 125—Porter (Lov) d. Phelps (Ros) 5-2; 130—Menchen (Mcn) d. Hitt (Ros) 6-3; 135—Ramsey (Mcn) d. Martin (Nor) 4-3; 140—Wilhelm (Tay) p. Cox (Lit) 2:57; 145— VonHoene (Pur) md. Kaiser (Mcn) 15-2; 152— McGrath (Gos) d. Laurino (Mon) 8-1; 160—Harten (Pur) p. Zoller (Mcn) 2:20; 171—Weaver (Lov) d. Hensley (Nor) 7-3; 189—Long (Nor) md. Templeton (Tay) 12-4; 215—Sears (Lit) d. Cox (Nor) 7-6; Hwt—Wagers (Ros) d. Lancaster (Nor) 9-5.


        Franklin edged Springboro by seven points for the championship, despite Springboro claiming four individual titles.

        Team Standings: 1. Franklin 197, 2. Springboro 190, 3. Wilmington 170, 4. Kings 166.5, 5. Edgewood 130, 6. Roger Bacon 94, 7. CNE 91.5, 8. Turpin 84.5, 9. New Richmond 71.5, 10. Western Brown 68.

        Championship Round

        103—Franklin (Fra) d. Smith (Wil) 11-7; 112— Velez (Kin) md. Wells (New) 13-5; 119—King (Edg) p. Liedhegner (Kin) 5:57; 125—Gillispie (Tur) d. Williamson (Kin) 10-5; 130—Bertels (Fra) d. Wilson (Tur) 12-5; 135—Jolly (RB) d. Harmon (CNE) 10-7; 140—Goebel (Spr) md. Wander (New) 20-11; 145— Carter (Fra) p. Horne (Wil) :34; 152—Naser (Spr) d. McClelland (Fra) 7-4; 160—Catanzaro (Kin) d. Stocker (CNE) 7-3; 171—Weimer (Spr) p. Cassidy (Edg) 1:49; 189—Keough (CNE) d. Steen (Spr); 215—Bankard (Wil) d. Grothjan (Spr) 8-3; Hwt— Campbell (Spr) d. Katris (Fra) 8-6.

        Third Place

        103—Wertz (Spr) p. Melchiorre (Tur) 3:58; 112—Harris (Edg) p. Smith (Wil) :31; 119—Kremer (Fra) d. Reifschneider (Tur) 7-6; 125—Hedric (Fra) md. Garvey (RB) 11-3; 130—McSorley (Edg) d. Herrmann (Kin) 5-2; 135—Cooper (Edg) d. Tolliver (Wil) 7-2; 140—Huff (Wil) md. Goedde (Edg) 12-3; 145—Eary (WB) d. Dean (CNE) 8-4; 152—Sage (Kin) md. Ross (Wil) 10-0; 160—Weidenbacher (RB) d. Trick (Spr) 10-6; 171—Chase (WB) md. Holcomb (New) 8-0; 189—MacIntyre (Wil) d. Elfers (RB) 8-1; 215—Johnson (Fra) md. Atkinson (Kin) 18-8; Hwt— Harvey (Kin) p. Blakley (New) 4:01. DIVISION III LAKOTA

        Reading won its sixth consecutive sectional title, as five wrestlers won crowns.

        Team Standings: 1. Reading 236, 2. Clinton-Massie 176, 3. Blanchester 158.5, 4. Indian Hill 105, 5. Waynesville 97.5, 6. Wyoming 88.5, 7. Deer Park 82, 8. CCD, Finneytown 63, 10. St. Bernard 24, 11. CHCA 23. Championship Round

        103—Mages (Red) p. Back (Wayn) 5:40; 112— Hammonds (Red) d. Beach (Deer) 11-5; 119—Topicz (Indian) d. Hasty (Red) 3-2; 125—Higginbotham (Blan) d. Hazlett (Red) 8-6; 130—Fox (Blan) d. Harmeyer (Red) 4-2; 135—Engel (Red) p. Thoboben (Clinton) 1:42; 140—Kelly (Red) md. Allen (Fin) 12-2; 145—Campbell (Fin) d. Johnson (Indian) 5-3; 152— Reckling (Indian) p. Crosley (Blan) 1:02; 160—Blair (Red) d. Magro (Indian) 5-2; 171—Nichols (Blan) p. Whitt (Red) :46; 189—Spore (Wyo) d. Williams (Blan) 3-1; 215—Marr (Wayne) p. Mulvihill (Blan) 1:56; Hwt—Sayer (Deer) p. Gaeke (CCD) 1:51. Third Place

        103—Ross (Clinton) p. Greenberg (CCD) :12; 112—Morin (Wyo) p. Topicz (Indian) 4:21; 119— Cherryholmes (Clinton) p. Elliott (Stb) :34; 125— Carroll (CHCA) by default; 130—Gelhauf (Clinton) md. Cobey (Wyo) 17-4; 135—Keiser (CCD) p. Allen (Fin) 2:49; 140—Ericson (CCD) p. Canik (Clinton) 3:25; 145—Linebaugh (Clinton) p. Buechner (CCD) 2:15; 152—Wolf (Red) d. Day (Clinton) 5-4; 160— Shumaker (Clinton) p. Touch (Deer) 1:41; 171— McCollister (Clinton) p. Measel (Wayne) 3:56; 189—Smith (Wayne) p. Lewis (Red) 1:51; 215— Ford (Wyo) tf. Sandlin (Clinton) 17-1; Hwt— Greene (Red) p. Jackson (Fin) 2:25.


        Madeira wrestlers won the first four weight classes in the championship round en route to the Mustangs' second straight sectional title.

        Team Standings: 1. Madeira 271, 2. North College Hill 1721/2, 3. Batavia 1561/2, 4. Summit CD 1441/2, 5. Middletown Fenwick 981/2, 6. Ripley 86, 7. Lockland 54, 8. Williamsburg 46, 9. Mariemont 17, 10. Clark Montessori 9.

        Championship Round: 103—Kuykendall (Mad) d. Howard (Will) 15-4; 112—Burroughs (Mad) p. Shields (NCH) 3:45; 119—Wittenberg (Mad) d. Yeary (Will) 16-7; 125—Opichka (Mad) p. McKinney (Bat) 3:26; 130—Seta (NCH) d. Merle (Mad) 4-3; 135—Mollmann (Bat) p. Rutledge 3:58; 140—Fields (SCD) d. G. Hensley (NCH) 13-11; 145—Ellis (Mad) d. Stevens (NCH) 19-8; 152— Booher (SCD) d. Longstreth (Mad) 4-3; 160—Cloran (Mad) d. Albi (SCD) 2-1 (ot); 171—McConnell (SCD) d. Lunkenheimer (NCH) 7-3; 189—Thompson (Fen) inj. default Cordoza (Madiera); 215— Mossbacker (Bat) d. T. Abdulghani (SCD) 7-5 (ot); HWT—Dorsey (Bat) p. Merrill (Rip) 3:17.

        Third Place: 103—N. Hensley (NCH) p. Purdon (Rip) 4:13; 112—Schrierloh (Lock) d. Blume (Fen) 11-3; 119—Heyob (Fen) d. Ingle (NCH) 12-1; 125—Smith (Lock) d. Muldrow (SCD) 12-4; 130— Kelch (Bat) p. Mitchell (Lock) 1:57; 135—Glick (NCH) d. Siegel (Mar) 10-8; 140—Bryan (Mad) p. Ferguson (Rip) 2:03; 145—Schaffer (Fen) p. Miller (Rip) 1:39; 152—Musselman (Bat) p. Hall (Mar) 3:04; 160—Higle (Rip) p. Cooper (NCH) 1:53; 171— Cummings (Mad) p. Cox (Fen) 0:32; 189—N. Abdulghani (SCD) p. Barnes (Bat) 3:50; 215—Pattison (Mad) p. Jackson (NCH) 2:32; HWT—Snelling (Lock) p. Nichols (Mad) 1:49.


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