Sunday, February 20, 2000

Readers blame commissioners, voters

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Tristate residents are blunt in affixing blame for the cost overruns at Paul Brown Stadium. But the sharpest comments are directed at Hamilton County commissioners.

        Here are just a few of the opinions offered by readers since The Enquirer asked for their reactions to the cost increases and who should be held responsible.

        • Mike Jackson, 63, Bevis: I'm still in shock from 1996. I can't believe 61 percent of (Hamilton County) voters passed this boondoggle. Socialism is always a mess. If (County Commissioner Bob) Bedinghaus is voted out, I wonder where he will get a job? I told you so! I told you so! I voted no.

        • Allen V. George, 39, Kenwood: The ultimate responsibility for the stadium overruns rests squarely and solely on the shoulders of the county commissioners. What every worthwhile “real world” manager understands is that, while actions and activities may be delegated and assigned to others, responsibility can never be.

        • Thomas Sowards, 41, Price Hill: Never voted for the tax because I felt this was too big a project for the politicians to handle or trust to be straight up about the lease with Mike Brown. Had the lease agreement been made public, the tax would have never passed.

        • Glenn Wood, 52, Northside: Those who voted for the stadiums didn't vote on being blackmailed by Mike Brown or duped by the “tragic trio,” our beloved Hamilton County commissioners. How predictable and pathetic. Our schools crumble, our nurses and teachers go hungry but we will have two new stadiums.

        • Mike Stegman, 39, Cheviot: First, the blame must lie with the taxpayers (myself included) who voted for the stadium tax. Then the blame lies with the Hamilton County leadership that negotiated the lease with Mr. Brown. Next we must blame Mr. Brown for his shrewd dealings with the grossly overmatched legal staff/commissioners in sealing the deal. Then we must blame the contractors who bid the deal and then are allowed to up the ante, along with the county for allowing the ante to be upped...

        • Frank J. Sienkiewicz, 64, Forest Park: Companies always build in cost-overrun factors. They knew when they bid the completion date for the stadium. It is their responsibility to get it done on time. Make them honor their quote.

        • Gina Mahlke, 43, Colerain Township: This plan was not well thought out. Another spontaneous decision by commissioners, planning committee, etc.

        • Laura Dewees, 40, Symmes Township: I'm not pleased with the overruns. I believe it is poor planning and irresponsible. The money could certainly be used by the city in areas of need (i.e., public schools) and more importance. I definitely don't believe the taxpayer should be held responsible.

        • William Egner, 81, Bridgetown: Bedinghaus does not have the intelligence, knowledge or expertise to have gotten into such a costly project. (Tom) Neyer is supposed to be president or CEO of a large construction firm. Where was he?

        • Pam Tully, 36, Anderson Township: We are all to blame. We should have known better than to trust politicians. This is pretty much par for the course.

        • Bill Buresch, 58, Finneytown: Impeach the commissioners is the first thing that comes to mind. There is not much we can do now, but just remember these nincompoops on the next election day.

        • Bud Blevins, 76, Miami Heights: I think the people who voted for the stadium tax are to blame. Maybe those who voted for the tax will agree to share the cost among themselves.

        • Ray Whitworth, 44, Mt. Lookout: Rush, rush, rush! Hurry, hurry, hurry! I questioned the tempo of this deal from the get-go. Bedinghaus, right or wrong, is on my payroll to do the job he said he could do. In the private sec tor, he'd be looking for another job right now.

        • Maura Muenchen, 40, Pleasant Ridge: It would appear the reason the project is so out of control is because everyone is focused on getting it done on time. Why is that? Because the “Bob & Tom Show” graciously agreed to pay King Mike an outrageous amount of money if not. Hey guys, been inside a Cincinnati Public School lately?

        • Marc Scanlon, 43, Morgan Township: It is a shame with this much of the taxpayers' money at stake, better management principles were not employed until just now. What in the world were these men thinking?

        • Frank Bitzer, 37, Loveland: I'm a lifelong rock-ribbed Republican. I'd vote for a cantaloupe if the GOP put it on the ballot. However, I draw the line at Bob Bedinghaus.

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