Sunday, February 20, 2000


        The top residential real estate transfers in Greater Cincinnati, compiled by Transamerica Intellitech Inc.:

        Buyer: Michael W & Robin W Schwanekamp. Seller: Camden Homes Inc. Address: 605 Indian Hill Trail, Indian Hill, 45243. Price: $1,198,840.

        Buyer: Read S & Margaret Tuddenham. Seller: Thomas W Murphy Homes Inc. Address: 8600 Willow Run Ct, Indian Hill, 45243. Price: $817,603.

        Buyer: Jay Tyce, Trustee. Seller: Jennifer A Martini. Address: 11609 Symmes Creek Dr, Symmes Township, 45140. Price: $702,000.

        Buyer: William H & Debra L Zimmer III. Seller: Priscilla M Igdaloff. Address: 8005 Blome Road, Indian Hill, 45243. Price: $675,000.

        Buyer: Janet B Kinsley, Trustee. Seller: Ciul Properties Inc. Address: 7463 Shaker Run Lane, Union Township, 45069. Price: $578,856.

        Buyer: Raymond D & Jan H Steinher. Seller: Alex Dumin. Address: 742 Watch Hill Lane, Anderson Township, 45230. Price: $560,000.

        Buyer: Fischer Attached Homes Ltd. Seller: Fischer Dev Co. Address: Kenlee Dr, Mount Washington, 45230. Price: $475,696.

        Buyer: Steven C Gittinger, Trustee. Seller: Bertha E Glenn. Address: 407 Lafayette Ave, Clifton, 45220. Price: $445,250.

        Buyer: R Nicholas & Gail L Anderson. Seller: Daniels Homes Inc. Address: 896 Old Course Lane, Pierce Township, 45245. Price: $430,000.

        Buyer: Randall S & Lisa R Renners. Seller: Freedom Homes Inc. Address: 4766 Hampton Village Dr, Deerfield Township, 45040. Price: $427,500.

        Buyer: Ervin T & Gail H Hardee. Seller: Drees Co. Address: Timbers Ct, Mason, 45040. Price: $369,105.

        Buyer: Shirley J Callahan. Seller: Gregory Geswein. Address: 5022 Gerber Dr, Middletown, 45042. Price: $363,500.

        Buyer: Eugenia C Craig. Seller: Craig Properties. Address: 3784 Brightonmanor Lane, Hyde Park/Mount Lookout, 45208. Price: $362,500.

        Buyer: Jospeh G & Janet M Bieszcaak. Seller: Zaring Homes Inc. Address: 4209 Royal Parks Dr., Mason, 45040. Price: $354,018.

        Buyer: Charles & Bonnie Griffith. Seller: Warren D Petersen. Address: 7346 Sweetwater Branch St, Union Township, 45069. Price: $350,000.

        Buyer: James T & Ruth Fenton. Seller: Neil Murphy Homes Inc. Address: 8584 Beckett Pointe Dr, Union Township, 45069. Price: $347,158.

        Buyer: Gregory L & Elaine Williamson. Seller: Celia K McNeil. Address: 3225 Herschel View Way, Hyde Park/Mount Lookout, 45208. Price: $325,000.

        Buyer: Victoria Archable. Seller: Richard C Collier. Address: 6791 Parklake Dr., Mason, 45040. Price: $320,000.

        Buyer: George L Xanders Trustee. Seller: Mary L Kist. Address: 9065 Spooky Ridge Lane, Indian Hill, 45242. Price: $313,000.


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