Sunday, January 09, 2000

McCoy rejoins Villa Hills council

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        VILLA HILLS — A former city council member with 17 years of experience will fill a vacancy on the board for the remainder of the year.

        Steve McCoy, who served eight terms on the Villa Hills City Council, was chosen by current council members in a 4-1 vote Saturday. He was one of nine applicants. A 10th candidate withdrew his name Friday.

        Mr. McCoy, 53, a research engineer for Procter & Gamble, will fill the seat left open when Bob Flaherty moved out of the city in November.

        “I didn't run, so I didn't have an agenda,” Mr. McCoy said. “I'm just going to try and basically become familiar with the issues currently facing the city and try to give my best judgment on what the city should do in those cases. I think that's all I can expect to do in a year.”

        Mr. McCoy said he will not run for election once his term expires.

        He decided to apply for the one-year job because he was asked to. “It's hard to turn down people that you've worked with for years.”

        Before taking their vote Saturday, the council discussed the qualities they want in a council member. Each member shared how they applied those qualities to narrow the list of applicants to a few they would choose for the job.

        Of the nine applicants, four were new to city government. Council interviewed those four residents. The other candidates were former council members or worked on city projects.

        “I looked for a candidate who was non-politicized, frank and to the point,” Tim Sogar said. “Someone I can work with as a teammate.”

        Mary Koenig said she wanted an independent thinker who can do what's best for the city.

        Robert Kramer said he was looking for a person with a knowledge of city business who could jump right in and work with the council for the next year.

        After the vote, Ms. Koenig, who did not vote for Mr. McCoy, said she was concerned that some council members asked him to apply.

        “I'm disappointed that council did not have faith in the residents to step up and fill the vacancy on their own.”

        Mike Sadouskas said Mr. McCoy's initial reluctance to apply made him a stronger candidate.


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