Sunday, January 09, 2000

Legislative candidates filed

        Here are the legislative candidates who filed for the 2000 election in Hamilton County:

        U.S. Representative (1st District)

        • Steve Chabot (Republican incumbent)

        • John Cranley (Democrat)

        • David Groshoff (Libertarian)

        • Richard L. Stevenson (Natural Law party)

        U.S. Representative (2nd District)

        • Rob Portman (Republican incumbent)

        • Charles W. Sanders (Democrat)

        • Robert E. Bidwell (Libertarian)

        State Representative (30th District)

        • Samuel T. Britton (Democratic incumbent)

        • Dave Ekstrum (Libertarian)

        • Sam Malone (Republican)

        State Representative (31st District)

        • Catherine L. Barrett (Democratic incumbent)

        • Theo Barnes (Democrat)

        • Joanne S. Kemmerer (Republican)

        • Autumn Mueller (Libertarian)

        • Mary Lynne Schuster (Natural Law)

        State Representative 32nd District)

        • Wayne E. Coates (Democrat)

        • Jean Kumler (Democrat)

        • Jim Raussen (Republican)

        • Tawana Keels Simons (Republican)

        • Manny Tepper (Libertarian)

        State Representative (33rd District)

        • Anthony M. Condia (Republican)

        • Steve Driehaus (Democrat)

        • Patrick F. Quealy (Libertarian)

        State Representative (34th District)

        • Bill Seitz (Republican)

        • Randy L. Shank (Republican)

        • Jean Siebenaler (Democrat)

        • Gary K. Sweeney (Libertarian)

        State Representative (35th District)

        • Patricia M. Clancy (Republican incumbent)

        • Jeanette Harrison (Democrat)

        • Sharon Rozier (Natural Law Party)

        State Representative (36th District)

        • Michelle G. Schneider (Republican)

        • Charles Tassell (Republican)

        • Everett DeJager (Libertarian)

        • John A. Smith (Democrat)

        State Representative (37th District)

        • Steve Adams (Republican)

        • Tom Brinkman Jr. (Republican)

        • Les Mann (Democrat)

        • Jim Donaldson (Natural Law)

        • E. Paul Naberhaus (Libertarian)

        State Senator (8th District)

        • Louis W. Blessing Jr. (Republican incumbent)

        • Charlie Combs (Democrat)

        • Stephen R. Schulte (Libertarian)


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