Sunday, January 2, 2000

People to watch in the 21st Century

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Clockwise from top left: P&G chief Durk Jager, Ken Griffey Jr., Hillary Rodham Clinton, Charlie Luken, ballet star Zsuzsanna Bokor and symphony conductor Paavo Juri.
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        Want to know the future?

        Check out this list.

        We call it “21 to watch” — 21 rising stars in the fields of news, politics, business, arts and entertainment, food and sports for the 21st century.

        It includes familiar names such as Mayor Charlie Luken, film director/restaurateur Steven Spielberg, Procter & Gamble CEO Durk Jager, Hamilton County Commissioner Tom Neyer Jr., Senate candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, pop music group 98 Degrees, baseball stars Ken Griffey Jr. and Sean Casey, and Bengals owner-in-waiting Katie Blackburn.

        It also includes some more obscure people you might want to keep your eyes on: Alicia Reece, the 28-year-old first-time city councilwoman with far-reaching potential; Pete Blackshaw, leading the charge of local Internet entrepreneurs; ballet dancer Zsuzsanna Bokor, a world-class talent performing in Cincinnati; symphony conductor Paavo Juri; J. Craig Venter, who is leading the commercial effort to map all the human genes; and 11-year-old golf phenom Alex Volpenhein, a Northern Kentucky native ranked No.1 in the country in his age group.

        The unfamiliar names are certainly the most intriguing. Ever hear of Jennie Thompson, Alyssa Beckerman or Morgan White? You probably will by September, when the three Cincinnati teen-agers could comprise half the U.S. Olympic gymnastics team at the Sydney Games.

        What about Dr. Kenneth Foon, the new director of the Barrett Cancer Center, who is heading the most significant expansion of cancer research and treatment in Cincinnati in years?

        To make the list, a person had to be a newsmaker with ties to Cincinnati — a native, a resident or someone who has made a considerable contribution here. He or she had to have established solid credentials already, but also be likely to make a significant impact in the 21st century.

        We also considered a group of national figures using similar criteria.


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