Saturday, December 18, 1999

Who's got the edge?

        • UC: Sophomore Steve Logan faced a stern challenge for his job from gifted freshman Kenny Satterfield. He's committed more than two turnovers only four times in 40 career games, and none this year. He uses his strength well on defense and is in excellent condition. Logan has become a more accurate and prolific 3-point shooter.

        • XAVIER: Junior Maurice McAfee is the only Musketeer to score in double figures every game. What XU needs is the kind of game he played against East Tennessee State: 23 points, six assists and good decisions. When UC makes a run, it will be up to McAfee to make sure Xavier doesn't abandon its offense.

        • UC: DerMarr Johnson is among the most talented offensive players in college basketball. He still is adjusting to the Bearcats' approach and the demands of increased competition, but he frequently shows flashes of brilliance that are the work of a rare talent. He has not yet been consistent from 3-point range, but has that potential. Defensively, Johnson has the reach and quickness to excel but still is learning.

        • XAVIER: Senior Darnell Williams has not played well the past five games, and he struggled in his last outing against the Bearcats (3-of-14 shooting, six points) in 1997-98. This is the time for Williams to step up and make big plays. It's that simple.

        • UC: After a disappointing start to his final year at UC, Pete Mickeal had one of his finest games against North Carolina. Mickeal can be a devastating rebounder and added an improved shooting touch to his slashing style, but early on was struggling with how to mix the two elements. Mickeal remains the Bearcats' defensive stopper.

        • XAVIER: Sophomore Lloyd Price is coming off what may be his best all-around game (22 points, eight rebounds, six assists). That was against Central Michigan. He needs to hit outside shots and stay out of foul trouble. Price may be the player Cincinnati should fear most.

        • UC: Bothered by injuries, Jermaine Tate has not practiced full-time and hasn't been the rebounder UC hoped. His season high is just seven although his minutes have been fairly steady. Offensively, Tate is best when he sticks to stick-backs and tip-ins. He was a significant shot-blocking complement to Kenyon Martin early in the season, but has not been as active lately.

        • XAVIER: Sophomore Kevin Frey is also coming off his best game (29 points, nine rebounds). He has to rebound, score inside and play smart. He had just four points, two rebounds and three turnovers in 21 minutes against UC last year. That can't happen again.

        • UC: A case could be made for 6-9 senior Kenyon Martin as college basketball's player of the first month. He controlled every important game the Bearcats played. He developed into a confident post player who can score inside and also is dangerous on turnaround jumpers up to 14 feet. Martin also passes well from the post when opponents double-team him. He has been a hungrier shot-blocker and has managed to avoid foul problems.

        • XAVIER: < Freshman David West has to be a force on the boards and not back down when Kenyon Martin blocks some of his shots. West also must finish inside, scoring when he has the chance, and cut down on his turnovers. And, he has to keep his poise. This is his first Shootout, but he can't play like it.

        • UC is widely viewed as being a deep team, but the only players regularly earning extensive minutes are guard Kenny Satterfield and power forward Ryan Fletcher. Satterfield plays as many minutes as most starters. He runs the fast break as well as any point guard in college basketball and provides a deep shooting threat. Fletcher is important to UC for his inside muscle backing up Martin and Tate. The coaching staff still would like to make freshmen Donald Little and Leonard Stokes a part of the rotation.

        • XU's three main subs will likely be Aaron Turner, Alvin Brown and Brandon McIntosh, who barely played last week. Reggie Butler could be called upon for spot time. In last year's Shootout, XU's bench produced 14 points, nine rebounds, four assists and six turnovers.

        UC 80, Xavier 69


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