Wednesday, December 08, 1999

Who gets the lead in Marge, the movie?

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        If USA Network films The Marge Schott Story, who could play Marge? Hey, honey, have any ideas?

Marge Schott
Kathy Kinney
Kathy Bates
        Put on your Reds thinking cap, rub some lucky dog hair on yourself and send us casting suggestions for The Marge Schott Story.
We'll print the best — and the funniest. And we'll bundle them all up and mail them to the USA Network.
        E-mail: You must include your name, address and daytime phone number.
        We can rule out the kids on the WB network. And most actresses on NBC and ABC.

        Maybe Tyne Daly could do it on her break from CBS' Judging Amy?

        Let's face it: Playing the former Reds majority owner isn't your typical Hollywood glamour role.

        USA obviously needs to find a character actress. With the emphasis on character. And the person can't be allergic to dogs.

        So let's help USA cable cast The Marge Schott Story, an unauthorized biography based on the book, Marge Schott: Unleashed, and other public domain information. She will have no control over the script or production.

        A few famous faces come to mind: Kathy Bates. Jean Stapleton. Kathy Kinney (Mimi on Drew Carey).

        Shortly after Unleashed was published in 1993, some joked that Ernest Borgnine could play Marge.

        Shelley Winters probably could do it. So could Roseanne. Both have the feisty attitude displayed by Mrs. Schott during her 15-year tenure running the Reds (1984-99).

        Roseanne also has baseball field experience. Her “Star-Spangled Banner” before a Reds-Padres game in San Diego in 1990 is nearly as infamous as Mrs. Schott's slurred dedication of the 1990 World Series “to our wonderful women and men over in the Far East” during the buildup of military force before the Gulf War in the Mideast.

Need a dog, too
        Finding a Schottzie shouldn't be a problem. Get Beethoven, a blood relative of Schottzie 02.

        Pete Rose could be played by Pete Rose. He doesn't have much else to do these days, other than go to the track or shoot some commercials for Maaco Auto Painting & Bodyworks. And he's always been good at playing Pete Rose.

        Other roles may be tricky to cast, depending on which former Reds employees and baseball figures are depicted in the movie. Will we need:

        • Former managers Lou Piniella, Davey Johnson, Tony Perez or Ray Knight?

        • Star players Eric Davis, Barry Larkin, Dave Parker or Chris Sabo?

        • Front office types like Bob Quinn, Bill Bergesch, Bob Howsam, Cal Levy, Steve Schott, Murray Cook or Jim Bowden?

        • Commissioners Bud Sellig, Fay Vincent, Bart Giamatti?

        • Or Reds radio announcers Marty Brennaman and Joe Nuxhall? They can't make a Cincinnati Reds movie without Marty & Joe. But who could play the Old Lefthander and his little buddy?


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