Friday, November 26, 1999

Southview shotgun unique challenge for Edgewood

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Speed against speed. Discipline versus discipline. The Wing-T offense against the shotgun. A gambling defense versus a conservative defense.

        These are the traits of Edgewood and Sylvania Southview going into tonight's Division II state semifinal football game at Troy Stadium.

        “Obviously both teams are pretty good or they wouldn't be playing,” Southview coach Jim Mayzes said. “In games like this, usually the team that plays the best that night wins.”

        A passing team in 1998, Mayzes drastically altered the offense, going to the shotgun.

        “We're about a 50-50 passing/running team,” Mayzes said. “The shotgun allows us to spread the field and create confusion. It's an outstanding formation for either the run or the pass.

        Tailback Brad Strub is Southview's major offensive weapon. He has rushed for over 1,400 yards with quarterback Chad Peterson throwing for 1,423 yards and rushing for 678.

        “On many plays, we'll send out five receivers but then run the ball,” Mayzes said. “Jeff Rowe is our leading receiver (51 catches) and we like to get the ball to him because he makes thing happen.”

        A first team all state wide receiver in 1998, Rowe caught a school record 83 passes for 1,463 yards. Over all, Southview passed for 2,789 yards in 12 games.

        Defensively, Southview often gambles, putting eight players in the box (area within five yards of the line of scrimmage) while blitzing a linebacker.

        “We won't change anything defensively but we've got to be disciplined and not bite on things that aren't there,” Mayzes said. “By this I mean our defensive players must stay home (hold position).

        Mayzes is very familiar with the Wing-T offense.

        “Perrysburg, Anthony Wayne and Marysville ran the Wing-T and we defeated them,” Mayzes said. “Edgewood has excellent speed like Anthony Wayne but they execute so much better.”

        Edgewood coach Steve Channell is worried about defensing the shotgun.

        “I can't compare Southview to anybody we've played,” Channell said.

        “They line up in the shotgun but they're still a running team. They use various blocking schemes up front but the thing that makes the difference is the quarterback running the ball.”

        The Cougars have been outstanding against the run but suspect against team that throw the ball. Against McNicholas in a first round game, quarterback Bryan Cupito passed for over 300 yards.

        “Basically, Southview uses a 4-4 defense with man coverage in the secondary,” Channell said. “It's an attacking defense and their secondary (Rowe, Tony D'Amico, Dave Paul) is pretty quick, with active and good athletes.”

        Both teams were guilty of two turnovers in last week's regional championship game but prevailed.

        “We must control the tempo of the game with our offense,” Channell said. “We can't do what we did last week and turn the ball over and expect to win.”


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