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Friday, Nov. 19, 1999 -- Volume 4, No. 324
Today's Local News
        Cincinnati's police union vowed it will not do business with the law firm that employs an attorney who once went to prison for the murder of a police officer.
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Local Headlines for  Friday, Nov. 19, 1999

Cliff Radel column
The sad death of a place for birth and life
        The hospital where I was born is going out of business. After 102 years of birthing babies at Oak Street, Bethesda Hospital is calling it quits.

40 inmates freed as jail nears limit
        Dozens of nonviolent criminals are free this week because Hamilton County is running out of room at the jail.

Warrant amnesty offered for 1 day
        COVINGTON — Kenton County offers something different Saturday to thousands of people wanted by the law — temporary amnesty.
Bulk of warrants for minor offenses
Partial list of warrants in Kenton Co.

Throng fawns over Glenn
        NORWOOD — Dressed in his Cub Scout uniform, 7-year-old Jake Hartmann of Westwood slowly slid his copy of John Glenn: A Memoir toward his hero.

Glenn center loses $10M bid in House
        COLUMBUS — Supporters of a public policy institute honoring Sen. John Glenn called the U.S. House of Representatives decision not to spend $10 million toward the project at Ohio State University a minor setback.

Showdown is looming at Fernald
        CROSBY TOWNSHIP — Fernald's most dangerous waste — a hazardous and radioactive muck held in two crumbling concrete silos — is again threatening to divide this western Hamilton County community.
Options for treating Fernald waste

Another bomb threat closes school
        MIAMI TOWNSHIP — For the second consecutive day, an anonymous bomb threat forced cancellation of school in Clermont County.

Delta boosts convention center
        Using Delta's $30 million commitment as bait, backers of Cincinnati's convention center are looking to reel in support for a proposed expansion.

Medicare bill aids hospitals
        Five Butler County hospitals stand to share about $2.6million a year from an 11th-hour change in the federal budget, approved Thursday by the House.

Payday loans' high interest adds misery, lawmakers told
        Mary Hurlburt has seen grown men so desperate to solve their money problems that they've broken down and cried like babies.

Softball coach gives $387,000 to NKU
        HIGHLAND HEIGHTS — Women's softball has been a way of life for Roger Grein and a longstanding tradition at Northern Kentucky University. So Mr. Grein's decision to provide $800,000 in gifts for the NKU athletic program was a natural.

Forging a separate faith
        Messianic Jews - Jews who believe in Christ - find themselves at the center of emotional controversy

The Boss: How rock is done
        COLUMBUS — Rev. Bruce Springsteen's Traveling Revival set up shop at Schottenstein Center Wednesday night with the promise to resurrect “the majesty, the mystery, the ministry of rock 'n' roll.”

CSO gives premieres good launch
        The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra continued its quest to play accessible music of the 20th century Thursday night.

Roots redefine the rap show
        No genre of music comes off worse in the live setting than rap. There's usually not much to watch, maybe a couple of guys pacing the stage with microphones in hand while another one stands behind turntables.

        A guide to help make your day.

John Kiesewetter column
No bingo winners at Channel 12
        If Channel 12 has offered a $25,000 Bingo prize each weekday for almost three weeks, the station should has given away more than $300,000 by now, right?

She's faced disease and endured
        Most of the three dozen dolls in Shirley A. Wigglesworth's apartment have happy, smiling faces. Some she bought, and some she made herself.

Whose home for the holidays?
        In the next few weeks, newlyweds everywhere will be forced to make some emotional decisions: where to celebrate the holidays and how to keep everyone happy.

Business ads slam justice for liability-limits ruling
        COLUMBUS — Business and insurance interests already have started their campaign against Ohio Supreme Court Justice Alice Robie Resnick, author of a controversial decision that struck down limits on damage awards in liability lawsuits.

Butler Co. races too close to call
        HAMILTON — Votes will be recounted for the Hamilton City Council and Middletown City Commission races.

Deerfield broadens its powers
        DEERFIELD TOWNSHIP — Trustees took the next step in the township's evolution Wednesday by unanimously adopting a new form of limited self-government, known as home rule.

Fund-raiser to give ailing kids a hand
        Courtney Hennessey's treatments for an inoperable brain stem tumor cost a minimum $7,200 a month. Her Dent family has raised several thousand dollars for the 8-year-old, but now the bank account is running low.

Group shares its Shawnee heritage
        FAIRFIELD — Descendants of warriors who fought with Tecumseh have stories to tell. They will be relating those stories — and sharing their culture — at a gathering today of the Shawnee Nation United Remnant Band.

Lebanon turns maroon and white
        LEBANON — Peggy Miller measures the success of Lebanon High School's football team by the yard. Literally.

Miami U sees hidden agenda in lawsuit
        A federal lawsuit filed Thursdayalleges Miami University in Oxford tried to satisfy “gender quotas” when it eliminated the men's wrestling, soccer and tennis teams in April.

Mining company appeals rejection of zoning change
        BURLINGTON — A mining company that was denied a zone change to locate an underground limestone mine in Boone County is appealing the decision of fiscal court.

Panel weighs anti-smoking plan
        COLUMBUS — As lawmakers heard arguments Thursday for programs to keep kids from smoking, two high school seniors told reporters they had never seen any of the state's anti-smoking “Welcome to Loserville” billboards.

Patton bans outdoor burning after fires
        VIRGIE, Ky. — Gov. Paul Patton signed an emergency declaration Thursday banning all outdoor burning without state approval. The action was prompted by forest fires across much of eastern and southeastern Kentucky.

Police, FBI seek Falmouth bank robber
        FALMOUTH — Federal and local officials are investigating a bank robbery that occurred Wednesday night.

School district fires treasurer, but won't say why
        TRENTON — Mary Martin will return to Edgewood schools as interim treasurer following the school board's unanimous vote this week to fire C.G. Uebel.

Siblings reunited after 8 decades apart
        Sara Pyatigorsky of Blue Ash was a small child when her older brother fled Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution, fearing prosecution for being Jewish.

State GOP trolls N.Ky. for cash
        FORT MITCHELL — State Senate Republicans will be in Northern Kentucky today to tap GOP contributors as the party gears up for the 2000 election.

Students join the hungry for a day
        FORT THOMAS — Instead of his favorite lunch of pizza Thursday, 12-year-old Billy Manning had to make do with a bowl of rice and no drink.

Trenton goes 'football-crazy'
        TRENTON — This quaint little city — population 8,700 — is the type of place a person could miss in the blink of an eye while driving along Ohio 73. But many locals feel that's about to change, thanks to the most successful football team in Edgewood's 29-year history.

        A Hamilton County grand jury unsealed a murder indictment Thursday, nearly 30 years after a fatal shooting on Liberty Street.

S P E C I A L   F E A T U R E S
On guard, online
        Deby Weik's computer sits in her family's great room for all the world to see. With four children online, she and her husband can keep a watchful eye as their kids surf the Internet.
Filtering software varies - here's 4 of the best
Internet safety resource guides
Kids' rules for online safety
Tips for parents

With less than three months to go, Y2K worries may not be someone else's problem anymore. Fortunately, there are a host of Web sites offering news, advice and diagnostic software.
City steps up Y2K awareness push

EDITORIAL: Sex-ed: Who's in control?
Our editorials about sex education in Ohio schools have ignited a brush-fire that is turning up the heat on state officials. The sex-ed plan is also making national news as other states discover a disturbing link to the federal Centers for Disease Control.

Tornado of '99
        Complete coverage of the April 9 tornado that claimed four lives and left hundreds homeless.

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