Thursday, November 11, 1999

List of Medal winners from area since WWI

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Since the Civil War there have been 3,427 Medals of Honor awarded through the Somalia conflict in 1993. Of those, 1,520 were awarded for the Civil War alone. In World War I, 124 were awarded; 440 during World War II; 131 in Korean War; 239 in Vietnam; and two for Somalia. None was awarded during the Persian Gulf War.

        Here's a list of Medal of Honor recipients from Ohio since World War I. The list could be partial because sometimes hometowns were listed as state in which they enlisted. (Area recipients in italics):

        Sylvester Antolak, Albert Baesel, Addison E. Baker, William B. Baugh, Edward A. Bennett, Charles Berry, Herbert F. Christian, Joseph J. Cicchetti, Robert Craig, Emile DeLeau Jr., Douglas E. Dickey, Harold Epperson, Michael Estocin, William Foster, John R. Fox, Donald Gary, Joe R. Hastings, Frank A. Herda, Gus Ke furt, Patrick L. Kessler, Isaac Kidd; Joseph Guy LaPointe Jr., Harry Martin, Leonard Mason, Melvin Mayfield, Patrick McGunigal, William E. Metzger Jr., Melvin Newlin, Joe C. Paul, Frank J. Petrarca, Edward V. Rickenbacker, Gordon R. Roberts, Ronald Rosser, Robert R. Scott, Tony Stein, John R. Towle, James R. Ward, David F. Winder, Howard E. Woodford, Rodger W. Young.

        Among the living recipients as of December 1998 from Ohio are Frank Herda, Ron Rosser and Gordon Roberts.

        Kentucky recipients include:

        John W. Collier, Morris Crain, Carl H. Dodd, Charles Fleek, Donald Long, John J. McGinty, David P. Nash, Willburn Ross, Willie Sandlin, David M. Smith, Junior J. Spurrier, John C. Squires, Jimmy G. Stewart, Ernest E. West.

        Living Kentucky recipients include Don Jenkins and Ernest West.


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