Sunday, October 10, 1999


No winners in Anderson vs. Anderson

Enquirer contributor

        Finding a winner in the debacle involving the girls tennis team at Anderson High School this past week is impossible.

        It would be easy siding with coach Phil Sinkovich or tennis player senior Emilia Anderson.

        One of the top programs in Cincinnati during the 1990s, Anderson High's image was tarnished when Anderson quit the team on Tuesday, a day before the Division I sectional tournament.

        Anderson, a singles player throughout an outstanding four-year career at Anderson, resigned after learning that she was playing doubles.

        At first glance, it appears the 17-year-old Anderson was acting immature by defying Sinkovich, the person responsible for the decision.

        But, after considering the fact Anderson wasn't told about the change until four hours before the sectional drawing the previous Wednesday, maybe she was justified.

        “If coach Sinkovich had come to me several weeks earlier and explained why, maybe I would have understood,” Anderson said. “This way, I had no time to think about it.”

        Sinkovich, who preferred that nothing appear in The Enquirer prior to Wednesday's sectional tournament, refused to discuss the matter.

        A three-time state qualifier in singles, Anderson was confident she could win the Division I state championship this season, although defending champion Kavita Tipimeni and Michelle DeCosta are back.

        “I beat both Michelle (Huber Heights Wayne) and Kavita (Hillard Darby) during the summer,” Anderson said. “I don't think coach Sinkovich knew that. If he had no confidence, I'm insulted.”

        There are no winners in this controversy and there are lessons to be learned on both sides.

        Communication with athletes is important and a lack of it causes problems.

        If everyone was up front, Emilia Anderson and Anderson High School would probably have claimed a state doubles title in two weeks.

        $6,525 TICKET: Anyone who attended Elder's football game against Moeller on Friday and bought a Split the Pot ticket, take notice.

        The prize of $6,525 in Elder's Split the Pot drawing went unclaimed.

        “We'll hold the money but if no one claims it, we'll put it in the kitty,” Elder athletic director Dave Dabbelt said.

        Elder raised $20,000 last year.

        RATINGS DIFFER: The nation's two pre-eminent national football ratings differ on which is Cincinnati's best football team.

        USA Today's rates Elder ninth and doesn't have St. Xavier in its Super 25. But Fox Sports Net's “Fox Fab 50” ratings have St. X 16th and Elder 29th.


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